Disclaimer.  I do not like Trump.  And I do respect Secretary Clinton.  So, if that disturbs you, maybe just wait for the next blog post.

Facebook brings together people.  And tears them apart this political season.  Fortunately, I don’t seem to have many… any… friends who are FOR Trump.  That’s a good thing.  He lies faster than he speaks.  He is coarse.  A braggadocio.  Unaware of global politics.

What does surprise me is the hatred that exists out there for Hillary Clinton.  I mean.  Vile vicious hatred.  As if she had burnt their houses down and drawn and quartered the children and dogs.  Lack of respect, yes, I can understand that.  I don‘t have much respect for Bush, Cheney, or Karl Rove.  But I don’t think I HATE them.

If you ask me about Trump and why I think he lies, or is coarse, or unaware….  I can give you specific examples.  I can quote him or send you to a YouTube video.

When I ask the Clinton haters for specifics, they answer with generalities.  “There is some website somewhere….” But then they never send me a link.  They quote the FBI as saying Hillary Clinton is a liar.  When what I read says the FBI Director said she was reckless… or careless.   A friend said he hates her because she is going to take his assault rifle away.  That generated a huge (oh I sound like Trump) conversation on what exactly is an assault rifle… we got beyond that and then I find out that in his mind he has applied the California laws to the entire nation.  I had to point out that California has some of the strictest (if not the strictest) assault weapon laws in the nation.  So that took out most of his argument.  He was saying we didn’t need more laws – well, maybe not, if the rest of the nation had laws like CA.

I wonder why such hatred.  And I find the most obvious conclusion for me is misogyny.  I grew up when it was still illegal to have an abortion and women died from the backstreet hacks.  When women weren’t in the board room (not that there are a lot right now!).  There were no women on the Supreme Court.  When men felt comfortable walking up to a peer in the office and putting their arms around the little lady… uncomfortably close to her breast.   (One colleague would always have a sharpened pencil to use to accidentally stab his hand.)  I was told that I could not make a presentation to the board of directors of the company I was working for if I didn’t wear a dress.  I liked my very-tailored professional pants suit so I never did.

I thought we were over that.  Other countries have been electing women to the top position for years –  The UK: Margaret Thatcher and now. Theresa May.  Germany has had Angela Merkel for many years.  Other countries include: India, Nepal, Croatia, New Zealand, Argentina, the list goes on.   And in France “In the year 2000 France passed a law forcing all parties to include equal numbers of men and women on party lists for elections. Fines were handed out to those parties who did not meet their targets. The move was credited with helping to increase the number of female lawmakers but the French government now wants more. “ – The Local

This is a tough election season.  I am happy to be here, only reading about it.  It reminds me of my trip to New Zealand in 2000 – we left on Election Day (I voted absentee) and spent 3 weeks delighted to not have to hear daily about the hanging chads.  But that doesn’t mean I am not engaged.  The rhetoric depresses and scares me.

My absentee ballot is on its way to me.


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