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I have been sick.  I know I am sick when I voluntarily get up and gargle with soda and salt and hot water. It’s all my great-niece’s fault – running me ragged for 2 weeks.  Wednesday I rested and thought I was on top of it.  Just had one meeting on Thursday, and a conversation on Friday.  Returning home earlier than I anticipated on Friday, I collapsed.  Friday and Saturday I was out.  I could read for max of 15 minutes and then I slept.  Luckily I had picked up some food on the way home Friday.  I even found real chicken noodle soup mix. (I swear by chicken soup.)

Sunday I was a bit better.  Maybe I could read for 45 minutes before napping.  What is it? Hard to say – scratchy throat and sniffles but fatigue is the main symptom. It’s Monday now – just back from a grocery trip (took my backpack to make it easier and grabbed the bus back.)   Feeling a bit better after the gargling (I can hear my mom telling me Go Gargle Now!)

Now that I am more conscious, I am back on the news circuit.  Surprisingly, my main news sources are 1. BBC app, 2. Le Point French magazine news app, and 3. FaceBook.

Don’t roll your eyes.  Yes.  Facebook is one of my news sources.  I find that my friends have links to many interesting articles on the NY Times and the Washington Post among others.  I want to subscribe to the Post – a friend has a special cheap rate for 6 months.  All I can find is a 99 cent one month deal.  I am holding off til October 1 to sign up for that.

This is leading somewhere.

Today I saw two news clips of reporters interviewing two Trump aides.  They – the Trump people – are masters at managing the interviews.  I had media training years ago at Kaweah.  I brought in a guy who had talked at one of Judee’s conferences.  The key message: don’t answer the question they ask, answer the question you want to answer.  I used the technique myself with great results when interviewed by two TV stations on a mold and employee health problem.

But Trump’s people excel.   Basically – News: what has Trump done to help veterans?  Trump:  He’s given a lot of support but really we should be focusing on what Hillary Clinton hasn’t done…. And she went on…

I give the reporters credit – they are finally trying to deal with this.  I heard one repeatedly interrupt to get back on point.  One interaction was about the tax returns – the Trump person said he can’t release them while in audit.  Good for the reporter who pushed and pushed to get the person to agree that legally he could release them while under audit.  But “I am an attorney and I advise him not to.”  Very different from the message she was trying to send.  And one reporter cut off a discussion saying something along the lines – we don’t have time to address all the lies….

We live in a world of sound bites.  I still subscribe to the Sacramento Bee.  I prefer reading to watching TV.  I don’t think I have had my TV on here for two months.  And yes, I do have English channels, including the BBC.

Did I ever talk about the French system?  They have two elections, a week apart.  If in the first election no one gets a majority, then there is a run-off between the top 2-3 candidates.   Last year Marine LePen’s Front Nationale – a very right wing group – won almost everywhere the first time.  But not enough to really win.  In the second election I don’t think they carried any elections.  If only England had done that… the results for Brexit might have been different.  I heard so many quotes of Brits who said they didn’t think their vote would count.  They just wanted to send a message…  I like France’s process better.

I am looking forward to feeling better soon so I can go out once again and experience all Paris has to offer and ignore the US politics for a while…       But who am I kidding?   It’s always in the back of my mind.


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