Couch 8, Blog 1


OK…  This blog was written this morning before I realized that I had two other blogs that had not been posted yet.  Of course, that’s part of the problem…  Couch wins if I don’t hit the POST button…

That’s what it seems like to me.  I have great intentions of writing clever witty pieces on life in Paris and yet I seem to spend most of the time thinking that while casting a glance over at the laptop on the table from the couch with my Kindle open to a book.  One of the greatest discoveries in the world is of a book series that has been going on for a while so when you come across it, you have 5 or 10 or 15 books that you can read immediately.  No waiting for the author to write a new one a year later.  And I must admit…. Well, I guess I don’t have to but I will since I have started this topic…  that my weakness is a witty or clever or both Regency romance of the Georgette Heyer or Barbara Metzger type (NOT Barbara Cartland or the bodice rippers)  [did you know that Kindle and other e-readers gave a big boost to bodice ripper books – because you don’t have to hide the cover!  It’s true!]  Or scifi or magic/fantasy.  Fortunately, an old friend from high school has an endless supply of recommendations.

(Our idea of a great Saturday was to go book shopping in Glendale at a great bookstore and come home and read together – trading books, sharing funny parts.  My mother found it a bit strange…  For Introverts, reading together is actually a bonding group (no more than 2) experience!)

I do feel the need to maintain my street cred – I loved Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner.  Pulitzer.  And how many of you have read – in the entirety! – Moby Dick?  I have.  It was better than reading the Cliff Notes.

One of the challenges to blog writing is remembering what to write.  I mentioned great writers who keep notebooks.  I try.  And lose the notebook.  Or have either the pen or the notebook but not both.  And sometimes I try to dictate an email to remember things.  Today as I was off to the market, I recalled Voice Recordings on my Iphone.  Sweet.  This may be the answer.

Big construction down the Avenue de Charles de Gaulle here in Neuilly.  There’s a new RER line and they are putting in the air and escape hatches.  So the marche is split now – half down the sidewalk, the remainder in the square as usual.  I have a craving for fruit suddenly.  I can wait for the market day, or I can pick it up at Galleries Gourmand or Marks & Spencers Food Hall, both at Palais de Congres.  Different from the US, these marches are not really the local farmers coming to town.  The vendors buy their food from wholesalers.  So I don’t seem that much difference between store and market.  Either way, you have to plan to eat it immediately, or soon.  Clearly that bodes well for the freshness.  But it does mean a change in how I plan.

I left at 10.  Beautiful blue sky.  Cool.  64 degrees.  Got what I needed from the market but stopped by the apartment before going on to the next store.  I was wet.  And not from the rain.  Sweat.  (Oops.  Glow.)  The humidity here is killing me this year.  It can’t be menopause – been there, done that.  Nope, it’s the humidity.  I have to be very careful to under-dress and choose cotton or something breathable.  I don’t recall it being this bad last year.  But when I headed off to the Palais de Congres in with a cotton shirt, I could see the clouds rolling in.  100% chance of rain at 1pm.

I want rain.  I want the dust to be washed away.  Almost wish it for the apartment.  As I would glance at my laptop, I spied dust bunnies on the floor.  I finally got up and cleaned, including vacuuming.  But where do these dust bunnies come from?  And it’s a misnomer in France.  They are not dust bunnies.  More like dust elephants.  HUGE.  I have the bathroom window cracked open.  Just a crack!  And daily I clean the beginnings of dust elephants out of the drain strainer.  (that doesn’t sound right… is there another name?)  It reminds me of living in Pittsburg in the 70’s when I would see chunks of coal on the window sill.  (OK, not chunks!  But big enough to see!)

The Kindle is calling….  Kindle 8   – Blog 2


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