French… and Debates


My self-perception has not caught up with reality, according to some friends.  I continue to be amazed when I actually speak French and am understood.  And some readers say get over it.  You have been there so long you must be fluent.  Implying I should find a new topic…

Hey.  I am pleased to discover the times I understand or am understood.  It’s a very nice pleasant moment.  One to savor.  Guess it actually shows that I had more doubt than I ever let on.

Oh, I am NOT fluent – remember my blog about the construction – not really sure of that conversation at all.  But today walking down the street passing folks, I realized that I do hear words now.  Might not know them all, but two years ago, French ran together in a mush of unintelligible sounds.  Now I can distinguish.  Cool.

And this morning I had a definite WIN.  The debate…. Ya, that DEBATE!… will be on at 3 am on Tuesday in France.  I was able to discover what channel was going to broadcast it live.  And I found it on my TV (I don’t watch often, so I am not that familiar with the channels).  AND I managed to set it up to record so if I do sleep through it, I don’t have to wait to find a recording on the ‘net.    I must admit…, I think my intuitive understanding of TV, recordings, and computers was more the reason I could make it work than my French.


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