Travel Agency Is Me

I think I may be staying in today.  It’s somewhat miserable day – at least the start is.  Who knows? It may turn beautiful in a moment.

But for now, I sit comfortably.  And think ahead a bit apprehensively.

After the busy summer which culminated in my great niece’s visit, I was exhausted.  And slip in there a trip to London, a major effort to coordinate an exhibit hall for the American Church in Paris, and a 4 day stay in London….  Whew.

This past week I have finally felt rested enough to do things again.  Added to my list of medieval sites in Paris that I have visited.  Spent hours in the musee des arts et métiers – science, mechanics, engineering.  Walked places there were new. Saw the American exhibit at L’Orangerie – with American Gothic by Grant Wood even!

And planned.

Going to Budapest in November for 4 days.  This will be my first eastern European visit.  Check – plane, hotel, bus to CDG.  Have to figure out what to do when I get there, but there’s time for that.

Off to Normandy for two nights – to see the Bayeux Tapestry again and visit the D-Day beaches. When I was last there as a kid of 10, I don’t think there was much more than a parking lots.  Now many museums.  We are going on a van tour.  Check – train, hotel, tour.  And staying on Halloween.  Last year I was in Dublin on Halloween.  The Irish actually had a lot of decorations.  Will let you know about the French.

And off to the south of France over Thanksgiving.  Monteplier.  Check – train, car rental…  still debating AirBNB or hotel.

Even to Lyon for an overnight in December to experience the Christmas Light show which is said to be spectacular.

And now suddenly I am trying to fit in another trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte this week!  I went last year on a bus tour.  Well, not a tour but on a bus.  They drive you there and then after lunch to Fontainbleu.   V-l-V is a gorgeous chateau with fabulous grounds and I have wanted to spend more time there.  Just discovered a simple way of getting there but the shuttle bus trips end on November 2.  Yikes.  Have to fit this in to an already busy week.  Thursday I am supposed to be off to Normandy for the day with a French friend.

Organizing skills are essential for living here.

Feels like a boring post – just a list of sightseeing opportunities.  But I feel quite accomplished.  And whenever I can actually book a trip on the train SNCF, or Air France, or even Eurostar, I am excited.  Last year I had so many problems with using a credit card on line.  OK.  Back to the couch to rest up for the rest of this week (the sun is still not out!)


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