Daily Living

Outside on my street, there’s a big hullabaloo going on.  But I am moving this story to the end as it takes several paragraphs and I don’t want to lose you before the odds n’ends.

I had a free day today – a treat after so many trips and visits.  I was going to do some surfing to find the current exhibits – it’s the time of year that old ones close and new ones open.  And maybe visit one of the last two medieval sites in Paris.  But I checked my email and nope.  Instead I am sitting at home eagerly awaiting a package.  A package and me without a gardien!

There’s a talented jeweler artisan in Israel.  I ordered a pendant from him – I have ordered in the States too but the shipping is so much easier and cheaper here.  It’s just the actual delivery that’s a bitch.  The jeweler sent me an email with a tracking number so I have been following its progress.  This morning it was handed off to a French post office.  No worries.  I figured I will get the slip in my mail that says it’s at the post office after 11 on the next day and I will know NOT to go the next day because it is never there on time and will collect it mid-week next week.

Surprise!  I received a texto (ya, not text here, texto) (like restaurant -a French word- is often resto) that let me provide the codes for my apartment and which door is mine and the time.  So I should have my package in hand by 2:30.  Yup, staying in for this first!

New shopping habit!  I haven’t had a Monoprix delivery for a long long time.  Why? How do I get those heavy items?  Inquiring minds want to know!  So my free backpack given to me on my Ireland tour last year had a zipper failure.  Unfixable.  Since I had become accustomed to the convenience of a backpack from time to time, I set out to find a replacement in September.  The new one is a bit more heavy duty.  I realized I could use it at the store.  So I walk over to Porte Maillot to the store that is open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm (OMG am I really in Paris???) (Don’t tell anyone about these wonderful hours – the government may want to shut them down!) (No, I think it is a designated area for special hours because it is located within the big conference center.)   OK, back to “walked to Porte Maillot.”  And I fill up the bag pack and I can even manage two other grocery sacks.  The key is that after the shopping, I grab handy bus 82 back to a stop a block and a half from home.  Totally doable.  And sometimes I just carry my two fold up grocery bags and stop there after whatever other things I was doing in Paris and do some shopping on the way home.  A French friend thought the prices were way too high – but in fact, after some price checking forays, they have some better and some worse deals than Monoprix.  And Monoprix is four blocks away.


2016-11-04-10-38-45OK – story of the street.  First, the building construction – they have been digging up the floor on the ground floor and loading it into a dumpster – today the big truck came to haul away the dumpster.  But it’s cool – it picks up the dumpster, puts in on the back of the truck and it sits into a dumpster that looks just like it.  Then they reverse the process and pick up both dumpsters, putting the truck dumpster on the ground and then move the chains and pick up the loaded dumpster and puts it back on the truck bed.  Nice.  Back to blogging.

But then I hear horns.  So there is a white delivery van parked on the street.  A second white van parked behind it with only an inch between.  And now a black car pulled in behind the van trying to turn into the garage entry.  It’s parked now at an angle behind the white van with only enough space for the driver to shimmy out the front door.

And of course, that black car now blocks the dumpster truck.   So horns.  This stalemate has been going on for a while.

2016-11-04-10-39-21The POLICE arrive.  At one time there are two police, the two ladies from the car, three guys from the worksite, and maybe four other guys any one of whom may be a van driver.  Big conversations between them all.  At one point I thought maybe the van had hit the car but nope.  More conversation.  Oh so French.

And suddenly the lady backs the car out into the street – so of course she now blocks the street and two other cars have to back up.  The van driver pulls out and leaves.  The car pulls back into the driveway, far enough in so that the dumpster truck can leave.  And then the two ladies in the black car leave too.   Much ado about nothing as far as I can tell.  But typical.


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