Well, that’s an interesting word.  I was going to make this a blog a miscellaneous blog, but then I type the title: aftermath… I guess meaning after the election.  But After Math… after the math is done?

Why do we still have the Electoral College?  Didn’t we all want to do away with it in 2000?  Nothing happened.  So now there’s a lot of discussion…  I don’t know.  I saw a vid on FB that supported it.  I don’t know if it convinced me, but it confused me.

Friends here continue to be in shock…  Still can’t really eat.  Looking forward to going to Budapest tomorrow to have a change of scene.

In fact, I should have titled this Better than an Alarm Clock…   I was lounging in bed this morning, reading news and weather on the iPhone when notification of an email popped up.  Your Air France Boarding Pass!  YIKES.  Jumped up and straight to the computer.  I was able to change an awful seat – at least an aisle but the second to last row – to an exit row with more leg room.  OK it cost 20 bucks, but well worth it.

And that led to the rest of the day in front of the laptop.

How can 6 hours disappear so quickly?

I did change my seats, pay for the upgrade, print my boarding pass.  Figured out when I must arrive at CDG.  Got the bus tickets to get there.    Le Bus Direct (replaced Le Cars Air France) makes it simple and cheap.  It’s a 10 min walk from my house and 15 euro to the airport.  There are now flat taxi rates to the airport (40-50 euros?) (All because of Uber) and I will always use my driver when I am coming or going over the pond with my heavy bags.   But a quick trip with my roller bag – the bus is the way to go.

And I paid my bills on line.  All my bills.  I try to do this around the 15th of the month but I didn’t want to do it in Budapest.  And I need to take much more care right now.  After the election, my mind is shot.  Really, I am in shock and slowly coming out of it.  I totally forgot to pay my rent. (Fortunately, my landlady was very understanding of my election shock.) I messed up several appointments that were clearly marked in my calendar.  Brain simply did not function.  (No, it is NOT dementia!)  Bills led me to the question of what can I afford…  which led me to my excel spreadsheet to figure out my retirement needs…  Do I take early Social Security or do I hang on for age 70 and a lot more money?  But if I don’t have a renter next year in Sacramento, less money now is more than no money now…  I hate these types of decisions!  If I live past 85, then waiting would be a better idea.  And with a mother and grandmother who lived to 98 and 102, that’s a possibility…  But with the current politics, take it while it’s there and before the world blows up…  That’s tongue-in-cheek…  A bit…

Washing needed to be hung and moved around – from the lines over the tub to the rack over the door or to the towel warming rack – all depending upon the item and how damp it was.  And in that process, also decide what goes to Budapest and what stays home.

And then of course for some reason I had to check Facebook….  I know people scoff at FB.  But I find it a great source of news.  Links to articles or vids from all the major newspapers and broadcast stations.  This way, I don’t have to watch TV.  Hurrah.  But with the election, FB has been consuming my time.  Along with my subscriptions to The Washington Post and NY Times.  I prefer to read my news, not have an anchor tell me.  And there are many fascinating articles, not just politics…  so there go more hours.  I have to check in the morning to see what’s gone on in America while I slept.  And then I go out and live my day and I have to check your morning news when I get back in my evening.  Makes me tired.  And eats up a lot of time.

A French friend wanted to chat this afternoon.  I wanted to.  She’s fun.  More chance to speak French.  But I said no.  And clearly, the way my time has been eaten up, that was the right call.

I had a great customer service experience with my chiropractor.  She’s French, but trained and licensed in Texas.  So she’s a real American-type of chiro.  Thursday I noticed a niggling pain in my lower back.  Not where I normally get spasms, but still.  It worried me going off to Budapest.  And Friday I noticed it more.  But Friday was Veteran’s Day here.  A normally solemn occasion.  But I didn’t know if she was open or not.  So what the heck?  Ask.  I texted her.  And she called and said she’d meet me at 3.  Wowie zowie!  I hurried in.  She was great.  And clearly it was a day off – her husband was waiting downstairs for her.  Got a normal adjustment.  Left happy.  Until an hour later when my mid back started screaming She Touched Me!   Yes, there is a specific spot mid back that when massaged too deeply or stretched too much will go into spasms.  That was Friday afternoon.  By 730 I left the restaurant where I was having dinner to come home to my drugs.  Another  pain pill at 1130.  Another at 4.  And a fourth at 9.  Finally about 1030 I could feel it kick in and my back relaxed.  So I was very cautious Saturday and am continuing that today Sunday.  I still really like my chiro… my fault for not warning her she was getting close to the dreaded spot.  I will be pain free in Budapest!

Marche de Noel are cropping up all over.  As are decorations.  The one on the Champs Elysees opened Friday.  The one in Budapest opens today.  Decorations are out in stores and lights in trees and across streets.  It doesn’t offend me here.  There’s no Thanksgiving so there is no arbitrary date for the opening of the Christmas season.  And so we enjoy it.  (No carols in my house til after Thanksgiving, however.)

After math…  Things I know for sure.  At this moment, Trump is the president (unless some Electoral College voters want to change that).  I don’t agree with much he says – but what he says seems to change from day to day (now he is not going to repeal Obamacare?).  I do think we can survive.  I do think we have to prepare now for 2020 for women’s rights.  And I am trying my best to remember Michelle Obama – when they go low, we go high.   Civility is my goal.  (And this took up another hour! I have to go put things into the actual suitcase – clothes laying on the bed will not make it to Budapest.)


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