A Trifecta of Facetime

Yesterday I hit the Trifecta of Facetime when I facetimed a friend and wow she was with two other friends.  Three for one!

And the conversation was spirited and fun.  Lots of election discussion and lots of catch up.  But it was rather one-sided.  One-sided?  Yes, they are interested in me.  It’s not that they didn’t want to hear of my adventures.  But whenever I said something…. Oh yeah. I read your blog.  …. Oh that was in your blog.  …. Oh you talked about that in  your blog….

And that caused me to find this blog draft that I have been thinking about for several months but never posted.

“This blog topic has been a long time forming…  after two years of my Paris visits, I find I do reflect on the nature of connection. In the midst of high school, I moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota.  I have a friend from the 10th grade that I still keep in touch with.  She’s one of those special people with whom you can start up a new conversation as if the last one ended just minutes earlier – when in fact it has been more like 4 months.   She remains in the LA area; when not in Paris, I am in Sacramento.  Pretty simple to make an intrastate telephone call, right?  We talk more while I am in Paris via Skype than ever in California.  Why am I more in her mind when out of the country than in?

 Then there are others I have known for years, since college.  I talk to them frequently in the states.  Here – not so much.  And that’s true of other friends with whom I have lunch or dinner, just hang out.

 Many of them tell me they follow my blog.

 Maybe that’s the problem.  Maybe there is no need for my friends to connect with me directly because they connect via my blog.

 Hmmm.  Didn’t mean for it to have that effect.

 I blog for you, dear reader, and I blog for myself.  It’s a combination travel diary and journaling experience. I didn’t blog so that you can feel good about my adventure and not worry about me and not connect with me.  OK OK OK WAIT!  I don’t want you to worry about me!  But I do like those occasional connections: phone calls (Skype or Face Time or my CA Skype number that works to France), an email from time to time, or even a comment on a blog if something interests you.  (I don’t make comments public most of the time so no worries there.)

 And dialogue is different than writing or blogging.  I don’t really talk to myself when I blog.  And because I don’t want to write a blog that will take hours to read (I honor your time!), there are things I don’t describe in detail or even at all.  So if we do talk, bear with me as I get into a description – we will soon reach new territory – a funny event or a weird perspective that wasn’t in the blog but you might enjoy.  Or even just ask me about something from the blog…”

 Off the soapbox. But I am not even sure that was a soapbox…  And a special thanks to the dear readers who routinely comment or email me.  Those are treats!  Merci mille fois.

2016-11-21-10-11-08Back to Paris life.  There’s a HUGE crane outside my window.  I mean


HUGE.  It’s putting the pieces over the building into the building2016-11-21-10-11-14 courtyard for a crane that will be in place for a year while they continue to work on the remodel across the street.  It’s a really really bigly project.

Now off to buy maps for the adventure in the south of France.


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