Back in Paris

Remind me not to plan things so close together!  Five nights out of town.  Train arrives in Paris at 2.  Uber home.  Quickly unpack and wash and then off to the Musee d’Orsay for the first of their American Movie program.  It’s an interesting selection – some Capra, Spencer Tracy, Walter Huston… most if not all from the 1930s.  One of my friends loves American movies so we are going together.  Not a surprise – French are known for their love of American cinema.  It was a double feature so we watched the Walter Huston, American Madness, had a quick dinner break and back for the Spencer Tracy Loretta Young flick Man’s Castle.  Both are set in the depression.  Very different.  Surprised me.  But instead of wine for dinner I had two coke zeros because I was ready to fall asleep.  Train rides lull me to sleep.

This Sunday I slept in and then tackled apartment stuff.  Cleaned for one thing!  And of course did the Bee crossword.  Played the “where to hang it next” game with the laundry… I washed the fitted sheet and then later the duvet cover.  And I shopped.  Too late for the marche since I slept in.  So this evening a quick trip over to the Galleries Gourmand (the 9am to 9pm store in the lower level of Palais des Congres) and Marks & Spencers Food Hall.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you have heard my trials and tribulations of getting food home from the grocery store.  I thought I had solved it with delivery from Monoprix.  But now I have a new routine.  Take the empty backpack and a couple bags to Galleries Gourmand.  Fill up.  The weight is negligible with the backpack.  And grab the 82 bus back towards my house.  Saves me almost half a mile of walking.  Very simple.

Funny.  Once I made the reservations to return to Sacramento, things I haven’t thought of for months suddenly pop up in my mind.  Like…. A DRYER for clothes!  A dishwasher!  Someone posted a photo on Facebook of friends eating at a fast food place – In-‘N-Out Burger!  Yum!  I haven’t thought of that for ages.  Although, now that I say that, I did notice that the Five Guys place on Champs-Elysees is almost ready to open…

And the Champs Elysees…  Christmas lights are up!  The marche is going strong.  I have discovered about 5 other marches in Paris that I must visit. Including a special Norwegian market that will have only Norwegian things for sale.  The lights seem bigger and brighter than last year.  And more of them everywhere.  I wonder if there will be a tree down at Notre Dame.  Last year everything was toned down because of the attacks on November 13.  The country was still in shock and mourning.  And discouraging people from congregating.   Photos of the lights will come later in December.  Still too close to Thanksgiving for you Americans.


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