Days at Home (chez moi)

I find that I end up staying home some days.  And somehow I end up not feeling accomplished at all.  Even though I clean or wash or pay bills or research and organize trips.  It is the fact that I look out the window and am reminded I am in Paris, not Sacramento.  I still have some of that tourist mentality – you know, you MUST be out taking advantage of every single minute being in France.  Or wherever you are on vacation!  Vacation days are in limited supply so treasure them.  Get the most out of them.  Even if you go home a tired wreck of a human.

You’d think I would be over that…  I mean, I am not on vacation – I LIVE here.  But I worked for many years and it’s a habit that is hard to break.  So I have this inner conflict going on.  I want to be out and about.  Yet there are things to do!  And trips to plan.  And returns to France to plan.  I can’t request a visa more than 90 days out – so when exactly do I want to return?  And where will I go for the Schengen break?  And for how long?  And so should I change my appointment in San Francisco from the 19th to the 17th?  Will two days matter?

And then my FitBit sends a vibration to my wrist to say Get Up And Move!

And suddenly I remember that this is what I used to do.  Sat at a desk, at a computer, for years of human resources work (when not in continuous and often unproductive meetings).  So that’s one of the ingrained habits that makes me feel comfortable sitting at the computer and not being on the streets of Paris (don’t take that wrong!).

And when I do have these computer days, I must admit I do accomplish a great deal of useful things (what’s that you say?  cat videos aren’t useful??) (Ok, how about puppies?).

Back to the calendar.


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