A Heat Wave is Coming!

Yup.  Bien sur.  It will be 50 F tomorrow.  I must admit parenthetically (oh, is it parenthetically if I didn’t actual use parenthesis?) that I still have not made the switch to centigrade.  Or to kilometers.  The US should have done it years ago.  I remember being in New Zealand talking to a guy my age who said the change was difficult but he now was metric.  Except for the golf courses which continued in yards.  And in England while most is metric, miles are still the way to go for driving.  OK. The parenthetical segment is now done.

France was cold! The past two weeks.  Even at that awful “feels like” 23 degrees stage.  I had to rediscover my winter clothing.  This year I bought a cardigan.  Great choice with my shirts and under my heavy coat.  It meant that in the restaurants I didn’t have to take off or put on again the pullover.  And which pullover at that?  Cashmere or wool or cotton?  I tend to run towards the warm side – my Minnesota upbringing I suppose.  It gets complicated.  You don’t want to have to take off the sweater and carry it – or carry the coat!  I was mulling that over today and realized it’s not an issue in California because I dress for the car or the destination.  And running between the car and the building or store or restaurant is quite manageable in something light.  We just don’t dress for the cold there.  And the car makes it easy as you can always throw an extra coat or sweater in the back.

When you are walking, busing or metro-ing, the “back” ends up on your arm.

My destination today was the Salon des Saveurs.  Like a Home and Garden show but for food.  My foodie friends would have loved it. But everyone was out of town so I went by myself.  I did enjoy it.   However, tasting is just done better with friends. Still, I found and bought some cheese (comte) and dried fruit (including hibiscus!) and chocolate for a dinner gift.  I might have bought more but bad timing.  I leave in….. OH MON DIEU!… just over 4 weeks.  Wasn’t the time to buy spices or wine or mushrooms or olives…

OH WHEW.  That was incorrect.  Just over FIVE weeks. I have too much to still do.  Too many Marches du Noel to get to, too many Christmas lights to photograph.  But I have given up on several outside of Paris destinations.  Even day trips.  I will have to leave something for next year.