More on Marches du Noel

My goal is to collect as many Marches de Noel as I can.  Won’t bore you with the list but I did add to it this year.  I returned to La Defense for theirs with my friend – we had gone last year.  Pretty much the same.  I didn’t buy much but I finally had the mixture of cheese and potatoes and sausage that I have watched the French eat in the streets at the other marches.  And miam miam.  Delicious.  I can’t recall the name…

In Lyon we also went to the marche.  I find the biggest difference is the color of the little boxy chalet each vendor has.  I have seen red, white, black and brown – several shades of brown.

Marches are on their own schedule.  Which is confusing.  Budapest started on Nov. 13.  Champs Elysees on Nov 11.  Aix en Provence Nov 22.  Yet when I went up to Montmartre, nope, nothing until Dec 15.  But it was pleasant in Montmartre – I would enjoy living there.  Until the tourist hordes arrived.  Then it is hideous.  But before the marche, the funicular was just a walk on, no lines.  And then coming back, I hopped on the tiny RATP minibus that serves Montmarte.  A normal bus could not make the twisting hills.  I wasn’t too disappointed.  It was a nice day.  I stopped in the church St Pierre – one of the few medieval churches I had missed.  And I realized I need to come back about 5 when the lights are on as it’s a beautiful place.

Even Dourdan, a tiny town at the end of the RER C line, about 90 minutes south west of Paris, they even had four chalets.  I went there to meet a friend who lives about 20 minutes to the west of Dourdan.  She’s an American who married a Frenchman she met in Hong Kong years ago.  And lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden and now retired in France.  She’s terribly interesting.  So we had a nice chat over crepes and a ramble through the chateau and looked at the marche for all of 8 minutes! It was so small.

2016-12-16-17-29-09Other areas of Paris have their own marches – the chalets are set up on the sidewalks.  We even have one at Neuilly sur Seine where I live.  I got a selfie there yesterday with Pere Noel!


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