French for Brolly if you are a Brit and umbrella for the rest of you.  Simon Parapluie on blvd Saint Michel is my favorite umbrella shop.  Since 1897 the Simon family has been selling umbrellas. I take visiting friends here for a cool souvenir. 

I bought a great umbrella there but had a problem with the opening and closing mechanism. They happily repaired it for free.  

So of course when I thought I lost my medium size umbrella (yes I have a XL for big rain storms, a medium for days it is sure to rain and a tiny to carry for an emergency)- When I thought I left it in Lyon, of course I went back to Simon for a replacement. It’s Christmas so their stock was low. I did find one but didn’t like it as much as more has one I lost. Oh well. 

And you know I am in the process of packing?  So guess what I found? Right. The original medium umbrella 

Now this is France. Not well known for customer service. But 38 euros is a nice sum. I went back. Why not give it a try?  They could say no. And maybe in a moment of Christmas spirit they say yes

Delighted to tell you Christmas spirit is alive and  well!  With no hesitation he said bien sur madame.  But certainly!

So more reason to love Simon Parapluie!

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