Hardest time to be here

(Written in around December 18) Nope, not Christmas.  Not the holidays.  When a loved one has surgery or has a stroke.  And I am dealing with both right now.   Relatives.  The surgery went well and I was able to face time today.  What a difference technology makes!  The relative who suffered a stroke is doing better and better.  But again, Face Time makes such a difference.  It’s one thing to hear someone – sounding tired, slurring, lack of energy… but to see them.  And to be able to see the improvement.  My return plans were already set for January 11.  My other relatives and the doc said don’t change your plans.  You are doing all you would be doing here – face timing.  She’s in the hospital.  You wouldn’t be doing more if you were here.  I investigated coming back early – almost three times as much cost.  Is that right?  Two times more than what it was.  This is after they waived the change fees.  Why?  Because it’s holiday time!  So I stay here, getting ready to come back and doing all the administrative stuff (I am the power of attorney) on line or phone.

That makes for interesting days – I have things already planned here in France that require getting up early and then I come home and converse with California until 1 am (four  in the afternoon in CA).  But it is amazing at what can be done with a computer, the internet and a Skype California number.  Pretty much everything I would be doing there.

At least I know I will be going back soon.  Not sure now when I will come back to France.  I was set to return for the same schedule – getting a visa in January for April.  Now… I will cancel that appointment and see what happens.  Which means I am packing differently.  Won’t be leaving much here other than my printer and scale.  And will take them to a friend’s house.  I don’t know if I will come back to this particular apartment.  She has to be able to rent it.  Can’t count on it.  Hey.  Have you seen the exchange rate?  The euro is almost the same as a dollar.   Means my deposit of 1750 will return to me at 1400…  I loved the lower rate but this deposit thing is not in my favor. Oh well.

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