Bus trip…

So it was an easy boarding process.  I thought. 

But no.  We went down the ramp to stairs. Huh?  No jet way?  Nope.  Then at the bottom: a bus!  Really? So we boarded and waited and waited as everyone else got on. Well. Not everyone else.  But a full bus. There would be multiple bus trips we could tell.  

The bus ride was forever!  For a moment I thought they were taking us to Orly,  the other airport south of Paris.   And the ride was like an E-ticket at Disneyland for those of you who remember that. (E did not stand for electronic). 

Finally at the aircraft.  And more stairs!!!  What is Delta thinking?  

And we have a companion dog on board.  In general I am sympathic to companion dogs. This is a Great Dane….   A guy I was chatting with showed me a photo he took on another flight he was on- the companion animal was a miniature horse.  Really.  

So getting on early gave me a chance to get all my bags stowed.  My electronic gear out. I am ready. Going to read and listen to Hamilton. That will take up 2+ hours.  We land At 2 in SLC. Then customs. Then Sac here I come.  I got up at 6am and will be home at 1 am Paris time.  Whew. 

C’est dommage

It’s sad.  Sitting in the waiting area at CDG.  Bags checked.  All just under 23 kg. All over 22 but 23 is the magic number. It still cost me over $300 to check the two extra bags.  The packing was smooth. Driver showed up at 7 and I was ready.  At CDG by 755.  Through check in and bags by 805 and through security by 850.  No rush.  Now just waiting to board in 20 minutes.  

Leaving Paris is not as sad as it used to be.  My love for the city has not decreased.  On the contrary It has increased.  But a change happened this year.  Like Paris is another home and I know I will be back.  It’s no longer just a vacation or adventure city.  

The last line is beginning.  Thanks for sticking with my blogs this year.  More to come as I transition back to the states.