Bus trip…

So it was an easy boarding process.  I thought. 

But no.  We went down the ramp to stairs. Huh?  No jet way?  Nope.  Then at the bottom: a bus!  Really? So we boarded and waited and waited as everyone else got on. Well. Not everyone else.  But a full bus. There would be multiple bus trips we could tell.  

The bus ride was forever!  For a moment I thought they were taking us to Orly,  the other airport south of Paris.   And the ride was like an E-ticket at Disneyland for those of you who remember that. (E did not stand for electronic). 

Finally at the aircraft.  And more stairs!!!  What is Delta thinking?  

And we have a companion dog on board.  In general I am sympathic to companion dogs. This is a Great Dane….   A guy I was chatting with showed me a photo he took on another flight he was on- the companion animal was a miniature horse.  Really.  

So getting on early gave me a chance to get all my bags stowed.  My electronic gear out. I am ready. Going to read and listen to Hamilton. That will take up 2+ hours.  We land At 2 in SLC. Then customs. Then Sac here I come.  I got up at 6am and will be home at 1 am Paris time.  Whew. 

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