Now it’s 4 days!

Unbelievable.  On Tuesday I fly.  Wednesday morning I arrive in Paris.  Taking United…  Going to make sure I board early so I can’t be kicked off… What a PR disaster that was!

At this moment, one bag weighs 46 pounds and the other 43.  That’s great.  Most everything is in the two bags.  My carryon is getting ready too.  This year my goal was to have it all packed two days before.  It’s strangely easier because I am going to a friend’s for the first 6 nights and I figure I will pack the carryon for that stay and plan to not even open the other two bags.

Why not straight to the apartment?  She booked another person there for the month of April!  I mean, really?!?!?!  OK, I do understand.  And a friend was kind enough to offer.  So I’ll be in the banlieu – Savigny-sur-Orge – til Tuesday May 9th.  It’s only a 20 minute ride to Paris on the RER C so no big deal.  And I get to spend time with her grandkids who are very sweet.  And I can just give in to jet lag.

Nope.  I never found the lost rings.  I have blessed them and moved on.  The house remains empty while I am gone this time.  But friends will be checking in regularly.

With my relative’s health problems, it was a strange time back.  But she is recovering very nicely and is now out and about to her knitting groups and exercise clubs.  So all is well.

I feel like there was more to coordinate this time – but maybe that’s because I was in Visalia so much and not here getting the job done.  (like immigrants… a reference to Hamilton.  Immigrants, we get the job done!  – I got to see the musical in San Francisco and it was beyond awesome!).

For my one reader who won a prize (if our mutual friend ever delivered it?), I am so sorry we didn’t get together in person and I absolutely expect you to contact me when you are in Paris next month!

For my other reader who keeps my glasses in order, thanks for the adjustment today.  I can see well now!

Everyone asks about the elections.  And safety.  First, I can get hit by a truck just as easily here as I can be hurt in Paris.  Second, I have been reading about Macron and Le Pen and have realized that I am a Globalist.  Thanks to my buddy who called me a Global resident, I think she’s right.  Not the best Global resident, but working on that.  So that means I can’t support Le Pen at all.  She’s an isolationist.  And I do worry about Teresa May over in UK.  The final round of the French elections will be Sunday, May 7, and I will be there watching and hoping.

Best quote I saw today – Trump said he missed his life before he was president.  And someone commented – I too miss my life before he was president.


Paris a bientot!

It was 50 days…

50 days and I become an American Abroad again!  [Wrote this 46 days ago but it didn’t get posted…]

I started an email to a friend – one of the winners of the who has read all the blogs.  I waited to mail the prizes from the US but my life has been crazy so it has taken a while to mail the prizes off…  (There’s one left and you shall receive it by an intermediary…)

Sorry about that diversion.  I started to write the email and it suddenly felt like a blog.  So feeling inspired, here I am.

How can I continue my Infinite Paris blog when I am not in Paris, I am not even in France?  I am preparing for France!  The personnel at the Visa Section of the French Consul in San Francisco has changed.  It was all female.  Now all male.  Not quite as friendly but efficient.  Third time’s a charm.  He told me it would be ready March 21.  No one was quite that positive the last times.

Bought my health insurance for Europe – a condition of the visa.  Coverage for emergencies and catastrophic situations.  Made the reservation.  Going United out of Sac to SF to CDG on May 2.  I will be in Paris May 3!  Using United miles so I just pay for the upgrade to the extra legroom.  I expect to return on Delta.  I have enough miles for 3 more free trips.  Anyone want to get a Delta credit card?  I get bonus miles for the referral and you’ll get a free trip after 3 months and some spending.

So how have I been spending my time?  Back two and a half months and this is the first time I am home for two weeks in a row.  I am going through boxes to rediscover my stuff and clothing!  No need to visit Macys.  And I really shouldn’t buy another rock or crystal!  But this time my fail-safe method of protecting things has not worked.  I sent my self telling me where the things were!  But my arrival was hectic – here on Wednesday and off to visit my relative on Friday.  I believe I found my credit cards then.  All was good.  Til yesterday when I had some time so I went back to read the email to make sure I had it all.  Yikes.  No.  Apparently I had two rings that I put in the same safe place.  Can’t find them.  Even went to the safe deposit box this morning just to be sure.  Nope.  Not there.  So I am asking the house elves to help find them.  I was crazy when I first got back.  Not good.

On the home front, my relative has recovered from her stroke amazingly well.  She’s home and gets around with a walker.