Vive La France! Et Macron!

The results are in and Macron has won!  Ouf as they say in France for phew! I watched the TV coverage with a friend from 7:50 pm on.  The polls closed at 7 some places and larger cities at 8.  I really did think he would win but in those last 10 minutes I was getting a very nervous feeling in my gut.  Ouf is right!  Amazingly, the race was called about 8:04 pm!  Fast counting.

I have been here since Wednesday.  But pretty much house-bound at my friend’s.  My bad cold was getting better by the time I flew but the airplane trips move it from improving to terrible horrible hacking out a lung cough.  I had a quick foray into Paris on Friday but it wiped me out.  I am close to the mend but am staying home again tomorrow.  All I do is cough, sleep, cough, eat, cough, and sleep again.   A friend graciously canceled a lunch we had planned for tomorrow.  I will see him Wednesday.

Tomorrow is another round of packing!  I packed well so I didn’t need to open either large suitcase: everything is in my carry-on roller bag.  But I left things here with my friend.  A great many things.  More than I realized.  I have a comforter, some sheets, some foldable cubes…and a bag of toiletries and OTC meds.  And a pair of shoes.  Whew.  She has a large suitcase I can use to stuff things in so that my driver will carry them all upstairs for me and it will look like traveling, not moving house.

Tuesday I move back in the apartment.  And discover how bad the construction is going to be.  Or more hopefully, how much construction they got done!

So that’s the illness limbo I am in.  I can’t wait to stop coughing.  I can’t wait to be in my own place – no matter how gracious my hostess is, it’s just wretched to be sick at someone else’s house.

And a note for my prize winner in Folsom – I need your email address please!

We can all sleep better tonight with EM in charge over here.  No 3 months wait – he’s President in two weeks.  Then the general assembly elections are mid-June.

Someone posted on Facebook that Macron can speak better English than Trump.  That may be true.  He is fluent in English – first French President to be so, I think.

Mes amis.  Bon nuit!

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