Chez Moi

This is my third year in this apartment.  Because of my relative’s health, I took everything – all my belongings – out last year.  I didn’t take it all home (where is home anyway?? I mean the U.S.)  I had two stashes at friends who have room to store.  Which means they live outside of Paris.

I got everything back and it’s now in its place. Or various places.  And as I take mental note, I think it’s all working out well.  The walls have nice posters – from museums I have visited – in addition to her two frames.  I have jerry rigged pulls for curtains and windows.  I know exactly how to hang the washing.  And when to wash so things dry efficiently.  I have a good collection of cubes (cheaper in the US) to act as my chest of drawers.  She has this place furnished for an Air BNB and so shelves and an armoire work in that context.  Living here longer, I wanted to put things away.  And so this year, less stuff out to look messy.

I can exist in 400 sq feet.  I do like the two rooms, however.

So this raises questions for me about Sacramento.  What do I miss?  That wonderful magic no noise no rinse dishwasher and the clothes dryer.  Hmmm.  I thought of the dishwasher this morning as I washed dishes and while I missed it, it’s not worth more rent here to find one.  My stuff???  My art?  My photographs?  My crystals?  Well, yes and no.  Since 2015, I really do live in Paris and vacation in California.  And I don’t sit here and daydream about any of those possessions.  I DO enjoy them when I return….  Is it time to sell the condo?  Throw out my entire CA life? Or find storage?  And what do I do when I come back for my time there?  Rent?  Where are my clothes? My things?  Right now it’s easy.  But expensive as I don’t have a renter.  And I don’t really want another – my first was a friend and it was fine.  I’d have to find someone I trust that much because I don’t want to have to move everything before I sell.  When the time is right, I will move into the single story condo I own about 3 doors from my current one.  So why move twice?  Ah well, it is a problem solved in the future so I will just stay in France for now.


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