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I wrote earlier.  Caught a cold in Sacramento a week before I flew.  Normal cold.  Maybe some allergies.  Almost over it and then got on an airplane.  Not a good idea.

My friend was so generous to put me up for 5 days before my apartment was available.  And we were going to have a bit of fun.  Nope.  I did get into Paris for Foire de Paris (big home garden craft state fair kind of thing) but that was it.  And I only spent 3 hours.  All the rest of the time was spent hacking and coughing and sleeping.  I hate to be sick at other people’s homes.   Cold seemed to improve.  Moved in.  Went to the Columbia event where I had to walk out of the room probably 8 times so I wouldn’t interrupt with my coughing.  That’s when I decided to see the doc.  Fortunately he could see me the next day, Friday.  I got the exact same medication as I did in June 2015: antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for an official sinus infection.  And you know what?  Drugs can be amazingly effective.  Finished my anti-biotic regimen today. I think now I am back to my normal clearing my throat cough.  And my sleep cycle seems to be getting back to normal.  Not jet lag after all this time I don’t think – but every other night I would wake up at 2 am and read until 4.  That’s 5-7 pm in CA so it doesn’t fit for jet lag.

A shout out to my accountant who told me she loves HP laptops.  I bought a new HP, much lighter than my Dell.  Very happy with it so far…  the big question is must it travel in my baggage when I finally fly back?  I hear they are going to restrict laptops from the cabins.  Who wants to leave an expensive piece of equipment in the hold??? Not me.

Today is the first day since I returned with NOTHING to do.  It’s a recuperate day.  And I need them.  I am catching up on my blogging as I am sure your email has informed you.  I don’t need to go out for anything. It’s not raining now but will this afternoon.  I may go see a couple friends for a tea this afternoon, but I don’t plan to decide anything for a few hours.

I have to figure out the theme of this stay in Paris.

In 2010 I wrote a book.  Actually had an agent.  Never sold anything.  Everyone who has read it tells me to get it published.  And someone said that to me two months ago.  OK fine. I brought the draft hard copy over.  New laptop.  No excuses.  Except France awaits…

NO!  So I am hoping to figure out a schedule today of what days and times I can write and if I need to take the laptop places to do this.  I feel so…  what?  Cliché?  The writer in Paris???  We’ll see.  And yes, I suppose writing a blog for 3 years already allows me to call myself a writer…


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