Settling in

Time is playing games again.  How long have I been here? I never left? Just got off the plane? Huh?

Officially I have been back two weeks in France and one week plus in my apartment.  And a lot has gotten done in that time.  Had the wonderful Monoprix delivery of all the heavy stuff.  And they have upgraded the service.  Now I get a text of when they should arrive and it links to a map so I can see where the truck is real time.  But don’t get your hopes up for a timely delivery – well, it was well within the promised time. But on the app it updated to how soon he would be here from his actual location.  And it didn’t refer to his own schedule and delivery plan.  No worries.  Overall, this is a good development.

I blogged one night last week coming back from a forum at the Columbia University Paris campus.  It was on the first 100 or so days with some well connected career foreign relations and press people.  My insights disappeared when I accidentally closed the Word Press app on my phone the next day.  Sufficed to say, Trump is an unfolding situation.

Personally, I am happy to see Macron.  And he has appointed his cabinet – half women btw.  The big election for the national Assembly is June 11 and 18.  Again two rounds.  Boy the transition was fast here!  Two weeks and Hollande is gone and Macron is on the job.

Weather is nuts.  60s then 80s then 60s again.  Started another 60s and rain cycle.  Actually I prefer that.  But no global warming!  Oh wait.  France believes in it.  They signed (and hosted) COPD21.

Daily stuff – bought a new Iphone7 in the States.  Brought it and the old Iphone 6 and the older Iphone5 which was functioning as my French phone.  This week I switched the sim card with the guys help.  Unfortunately, he didn’t think to change the cellular network.  Another nice lady at another SF store helped.  Now works beautifully.  But when the phone is down, I am not happy.  I use it constantly for my bus trips.  It takes me 3 minutes to walk to one bus stop, 6 to another.  So I check the real time buss rival so that I don’t have to stand in the sun, rain or heat too long.

Hint. If you want to watch Hulu or sometimes Amazon from Europe, you best have a VPN.  It makes it look like you are watching from the US.  Netflix was the same 2 years ago but they have now opened up Europe.  I remember when the term VPN said by the tech guys at work made me cringe.  But now everything is so app configured, no problem.

I upgraded a few things in the apartment.  Brought a sheet over (hers aren’t too soft and I can’t spend money for that here! I had so many extra at home.)  So now I don’t have to remember to wash very early so that the sheet dries by evening.  It’s the little things…  I went to my favorite stocking up stores – Ikea and E Leclerc.   And spent 12 euros on mini speakers.  I thought it was frivolous but now I am very happy.  The sound is so much better than the CDplayer she has.  Which looks very good!  But is probably 10 years old.  The changes in sound technology are great.  I like to have the music in the background while I putter around the place.

I stop now. Always thinking of my friend who said don’t make any post too long. She’d rather read 4 short ones.



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