Stupid Hot… and Noisy

Thursday was another holiday.  But the workers seem to be on a strange different schedule.  The big remodel across the street was deserted on Monday.  Not sure why.  The quiet was nice until the guys working on the courtyard next door starting making noise.  But wait, was it them?  As I walked downstairs, I hear a huge racket from the apartment on the first floor – it sound like a giant sanding machine at work.  I was glad to be leaving.

Then on Thursday itself, yes. Quiet all around.  I was praying for the famous Faire le Pont on Friday- where they make the bridge to the weekend by taking Friday off.  Making a US long weekend longer.  But no.  Except the construction across the street was again strange – like there were only a handful of workers and all working on the opposite side of the building so sounds were small.

Well and good.  Until the office building that is in one piece – an ugly piece, but one.  Suddenly those workers are having a break on their balcony and chatting and laughing away.  OK fine.  That’s allowed.  But at 10 pm on a Friday night???  When they started a second break about midnight someone yelled at them and quiet ensued.

Which was good because it is once again stupid hot.  Three days of 90 degree weather.  And tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.  Stupid Hot.  Stupid Humid.

So now it’s Saturday.  Another day of blissful silence to sleep in undisturbed.


The guys working on the courtyard directly to the east of me at hard at work.  IT”S SATURDAY.  IT’S FRANCE.  WTH?


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