Well now that I am finally at my laptop, I guess I will try to put down some of the random thoughts I have been storing up for several weeks.

Today is Tuesday, June 13.  And the workers were not working this morning. I woke up about 730 and lounged in bed waiting for their noise to get me out of bed.  And it never happened.  Finally got up about 900 and looked out.  No one there. And the office building even seemed empty of workers.  Then everyone seemed to arrive about 10 and the noise began.  I asked a French friend if it was a holiday. He said no.  Just “the French touch.”  Whatever that means.

I am so happy about Macron.  And in the first round on Sunday for the Assemble National, his party did very well. Surprisingly well.  Of course, now there is the second round.  Unless you got over 50%, the top two and sometimes 3 if it is close, go on to the second round.  But it will be very surprising if they lose there.  Marine Le Pen’s party the Front National did very poorly.  So he will have a mandate and should be able to put in all the labor and economic reforms he wants.  How the unions take this will be interesting.  And many if not most of his party candidates have not held elected office before.  Yup.  Interesting.

A reader came to Paris for a vacation and I had the pleasure of meeting her and her sister.  She kindly brought me some things from the states (over the counter drugs, etc).  So I guided them to the Champs Elysees via bus.  I forgot that when you buy the ticket on the bus, you cannot transfer.  So my bright idea was not so bright.  In the long run, a taxi may have been faster and cheaper.  Still bus 72 runs along the Seine and you can see so many things.  And then at the Champs, I suggested lunch at the Publicis Drug Store which sounds dorky but has a great café and restaurant.  Unfortunately it was closed for remodel.  We ended up at an Italian café with sadly just ok food.  My apologies again.  I couldn’t join them but I heard they were going to Café Carmine for the cook it yourself steak.  Hope it was good!

More stores are open on Sunday than before.  That’s thanks to a law Macron pushed while he was in Hollande’s cabinet.  Used to be the stores in the train stations.  Now around the stations.  And FNAC seems to be open everywhere.  It’s like Best Buy in a way… My French friends ask me why is it necessary for stores to be open on Sunday.  To them Sunday is family time.  Hmmm.  They have a point.  Yet, I am so used to shopping on Sunday – here I have to plan ahead.  Hey my local boulangerie is now open Sunday mornings.  That’s a plus!

The UK is bizarre right now.  Interesting contrast to France.  Europe is perking up.

And I won’t even comment on the obsequious cabinet meeting that 45 held wherein everyone sucked up to him… it’s a blessing to work for him????  Oh.  I guess I am commenting… Sorry.  A seasoned journalist (former AP and editor of the International Hearld) suggested I watch the Last Dictator in Scotland for a comparison to 45.  I will check out Netflix later.

The workers are all gone – but it’s lunch time.  As I look over at the building, I think they are almost done with the demolition part of this remodel process.  The floors look empty.  And the trash bin they have been loading up look only half full… as if they have no more to add.  Now the question is how much noise will the remodel make?

Always always always zip up your bag.  A friend had her wallet stolen out of her bag on the metro last week.  I am not surprised.  She carries a big bag that’s about 18-24 inches across.  And while there is a zipper compartment, she doesn’t really use it.  The wallet was begging to be taken.  Fortunately, her passport was not in it.  But her carte de sejour was.  That’s the official You can be in France for a Year paperwork.  She discovered she didn’t keep the receipts.  She is supposed to go to the UK for two weeks in a week and she can’t get an appointment until mid July.  So she is dropping in today.  Good luck.  Without the carte de sejour, she would be taking a great risk at being allowed back in at the border.

Oh dear.  I just checked.  This random blog is turning out longer than I wanted to.  Forced stop now.

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