It’s Just Not Right!

Here I am in Paris!  And I have to vacuum.  And dust.  And clean.

And even shine my shoes!!!

I didn’t sign up for all that.

It’s when you have to go out and buy shoe polish that you realize you are not in Kansas anymore.  (OK well duh!)  But my point is that when you are on a vacation, you don’t have to do those things.  When did you last pack shoe polish for a trip?  Exactly my point!

But after 2 plus years, you’d think I realize I live here.  Guess the ambiance of Paris clouds my mind.  Or the dust…

And let me tell you!  As beautiful as these Parisian gardens are, they are all full of dirt.  I am not quite sure of the right word… it’s not gravel on the paths.  It’s tan colored and very fine.  And when kids play, they kick up a dust storm.  And when you walk, you bring the garden path home with you.  My black shoes look beige.  Seriously!

Hence the vital need for polish.




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