Bad dreams

The heat is back. Not as unbearable during the day – it’s staying in the high 80s and low 90s.  But it’s the nighttime that gets me.  Seriously, when it’s 85 at midnight, the fan just doesn’t do enough; it just blows hot area around.  I slept fitfully last night.  But the two bad dreams were enough to send me back to my favorite cheap Ibis just down the street.  I may stay tomorrow night too.  It should cool down tonight about 3 am, but I need to sleep before that.  Then Saturday night it will be back to a low of 68 about 6am.  Not good for the psyche.  And the French go on about how the hot days are so rare! HA!  This is the new normal.  I know a French gal who went to stay at a hotel during the last canicule so I am not alone.  (And I am not going to talk about dog days anymore!)

And this time I brought my laptop and have actually accomplished things that don’t get done at home.  I have finally completed my renewal application for my Professional Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Federation.  I had it all organized before I came back to Paris, but somehow it wasn’t a very high priority when I could go to a museum or play solitaire on my phone or watch the taped segments of La Reine de Shopping.

Insert ad here:  Need a coach? Or know someone who might profit from a conversation with a coach?  Keep me in mind.  I love to work with people who know they are going somewhere great but might need help with focusing.  I even have references.  Excellent, of course.  End of ad.

I shall reward myself with Wonder Woman tonight since I am up near the shopping/movies center at La Defense.

And then I will work on my book tomorrow while in my air conditioned comfort.  Yes, I have a book.  I wrote it in 2001.  Actually had an agent for a while but the time wasn’t right.  Those who have read it urge me to publish.  But it sits out there and I sometimes cast my eye to the self it sits on…  And do nothing.  Oh, no, that’s not right.  I do do something.  But it’s spider solitaire on my phone.  (thanks to pseudo-cousin Lynn).

It’s like the retirement documents.  When I was in HR, it took me so long to get mentally ready to read the retirement plan documents.  Pages and pages of technical legal gobbly-de-gook.  But, when I finally sat down to tackle it, after about 10 minutes, I actually enjoyed it and got into the technicalities.   So staying here a second night may actually become a business expense…

Before I head up to the mall, I shall finally blog about the traffic!  Watch for it.  The blog.  Not the traffic.



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