More heat. And smoke

Sometimes you have to give yourself a break and remember you are not a tourist, you are a person living here. I don’t have to see everything.

I went to a hotel again. I had my first good night sleep for several days. I actually slept six hours straight without waking up. No bad dreams. Delightful air conditioning.

I decided to stay a second night. I was questioning that decision when I was waiting in line at the front desk to make those said arrangements. Then the heat got to me and I broke out into a sweat. No doubt a second night was the right decision.

Saturday the local branch of BNP (bank) caught fire. I came out of the metro to see smoking billowing. Dark grey black smoke. There was some army type guy and a lot of people watching the smoke come out the front door. And soon out one of the side windows. 20 minutes later I am going past it on the bus. The fire department had arrived. But full on flames coming out of the doorway and bottom windows. Sunday furniture was piled on the sidewalk in front of it and smoke stained the walls. Never found out the cause.

Sometimes I dictate the beginnings of my blogs because I might be somewhere and in a hurry but I want to remember some brilliant ideas. I was doing that last week and couldn’t remember the English word for sci-fi. And now I can’t recall why I wanted to talk a bout sci-fi. Or the dictation says: XO stencil text. And I have no idea…

It’s been a strange time, this visit to Paris. I think I have commented on that before. It doesn’t get less strange, it doesn’t get more normal. Perhaps… I find myself wondering more and more if my time in Paris is slowly coming to an end? I don’t know. Is Paris becoming Finite? I don’t know.

There are certainly still things to see. Place to go back to. New places to explore – in France and even all of Europe.


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