Sniff Sniff

OK, I know I talk a lot about the heat. And subsequent sweat. But I do shower. And I use expensive perfume. But sometimes during the summer on the metro, I suddenly get this whiff and panic. Is that me with the unpleasing body odor? I try to subtly check. And discover it’s the fragrance of the French man or God knows where he is from man standing next to me.

I try to breath in the other direction. Hazards of public transportation.

So today with a window gone (see previous post) the noise floods in. Another day inside – I had to wait for the window guy in the morning and he was late. I am learning how to get around the noise somewhat. I went shopping at 11 so I would be back at 12 when I knew they would take a lunch break.

I keep thinking the demolition is almost done and soon I won’t hear the melody of the jackhammer. But no. And the little forklifts seemed to be finished, they were hoisting them up, over, and down to the street. Yet one remained – I finally figured out it was tearing up concrete down in the parking garage. Sigh. Still, every day there are more and more hard hats with clip boards. Assessing the work. Time is money! Get this part of the job done! And weirdly, today, after months of clearing out each floor, today there is a three drawer file cabinet on the top of the trash bin. How did they miss this? Office equipment was gone months ago.

Why am I even looking? I just want it to move on to a different sound. And I so pity those people in the apartment building that shares a wall. The vibrations must be nerve wracking!

People are funny. I was let in on a secret by a friend. A special trip three friends were making but no one else was supposed to know because no one wanted any hurt feelings. OK. I didn’t care. I wouldn’t squeal. And they posted pictures on Facebook today…


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