Difficult Year

This third year in Paris has been most difficult for a variety of reasons. I still search for its meaning, if ther is one. Having the holiday on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday (yes, I know, that’s the usual way it goes), I experienced something new for this year. Silence.

I am beginning to think that the sounds of the construction must be worse this year than last. I did live through that. But this year the noise seems to invade my brain and depress it. Tie that in to the heat – I can lessen the noise if I close the windows (thank god I have the window back to be able to close it). But then it gets hot. A fan blowing around hot air only helps so much.

Enter the Internet to save me. Maybe. Someone posted and tagged me in an article about tying a plastic bottle full of ice to the front of the fan so it blows cold air. I understood this concept. Many many years ago when working with John Leffingwell and the Fourth Wall Theatre, we rented an empty car repair space. We were an itinerant theatre group for several years. And it was hot. Central Valley hot! So I put BLOCKS of ice in the air ducts. Not sure how much it cooled it down – it did melt fast! Not sure the plastic bottles of ice did much good either.

Now I have another scheme. This one is said to have worked wonders in Africa, reducing the house from 113 to 103. Still hot but I liked the 10 degree difference. So you take a piece of wood (or cardboard from an Ikea box found on the street left for trash pickup) and drill holes in it (or punch holes with your scissors). Then you take a big liter plastic bottle and cut off the bottom and drill through the top. Then you insert the bottle top into the hole and secure it with the top screwed on from the other side. (Or when you only have a scissors you simply push it through and let it be because the scissors are not match for the plastic top.) Then you put this in the window and wait for the temperature to drop. I don’t have liter bottles. The bottle here are longer and narrower so I am not sure the science will work. They give you an example to try – breathe with an open mouth on your hand. Then purse your lips to blow on your hand. The smaller opening does feel cooler. You place the bottles on the outside and supposedly the air coming in cools as it goes through the narrow bottle top.

I’ll let you know. So far I only have four bottles set up.

So between noise and heat, it is a more stress producing or relaxation inhibiting environment than I realized.


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