About the 14th of July. NO ONE calls it Bastille Day here. So Trump was here for the celebrations. And a NY Times writer described the event. I need to write to the NYT.

HA! I just did. This is why: Not impressed with this writer. “the Arc de Triomphe framed behind them, memorializing the storming of the Bastille that helped set off the French Revolution. … as an array of jets including one leaving trails in the colors of the French and American flags.” First, the scenes on the Arc are of victories of the Imperial Armies- think Napoleon. Second, the jets start EVERY 14th of July parade with the colors of FRANCE. Which coincidently are the US colors but it’s done every year whether the US president is here or not.

I do give up on the term Bastille Day. It is so ingrained in the American psyche.

I have no motivation to go to the marche anymore. These are not the farmers’ markets of the US. These are grocers who buy from a middle man. Perhaps the same person the grocery stores buy from. So I find it easier to buy at the grocery store then to have to run down on one of the three days and stand in a line for veggies. Maybe for artichokes… I know this for a fact because in Tours in my immersion program we did a ‘sondage’ at the market. Survey. Me and my buddy were assigned the vendors. One of them was even selling grapefruit from California.

But what’s up with the bags of lettuce in France? OK sometimes I want iceberg lettuce. OK? Get over it. I do. And I discovered that it comes in a bag too just like we have in the states. The bags are dated. So Saturday (today is Monday) I looked for one with a far away expiry date (yes, that’s British. No expiration date, expiry. Even for credit cards.) The bag of lettuce claims it’s good til July 20. Today the lettuce inside the unopened bag is starting to turn brown. Is my fridge too cold or too hot? Everything else does just fine in it. And if I open a bag that does have fresh lettuce, it’s only good for two servings. Brown before the third.

Everyone is gone! One friend is gone the entire summer! Her husband had too much vacation in his bank. Another left for Montenegro last week. Another for the same yesterday. And another to Amsterdam soon. At least one is returning after three weeks in Portugal. Summer is just impossible in France. I don’t know how they get anything done. And my boulangerie is closing the week after I get back from England – maybe I will buy three baguettes and freeze them before I go.

But! Next week a friend (and husband) from high school (the friend before the husband) will be in Paris for a couple days on their way to Corsica and Africa. So I am quite looking forward to spending time with them. And then off to Annecy in the mountains – where it will still be in the 80s.


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