Contacts and Alps

Sometimes I don’t want to put my contacts in.  I want to wander around my apartment taking my glasses off to read my Kindle although I don’t much like spending several minutes trying to find where I put the glasses for safe keeping.  But if I go out, I must put my contacts in.  It’s not a vanity-thing.  It’s convenience.  I prefer my Maui Jim sunglasses to my prescription glasses. And taking one pair off and putting the other on.  And the glasses can slip down my nose.  I prefer the contacts to glasses even though I now have mono-vision contacts.  That means I have one eye with a prescription for seeing things far away and the other for seeing up close.

Yup.  I have a pair of reading glasses and friends help themselves to them sometimes when they are reading a map near me.  I wait.  After just a few seconds, they rip the glasses off with a horrified expression – what is wrong with your reading glasses!

But it is amazing how the brain can transpose the images from your eyes and make sense of them.  I can look at something far away and then glance at a book and yes, I can see both very well.  OK.  Maybe not perfectly, but I find it preferable to having to grab reading glasses.

So I had a busy three days in Annecy.  Maybe seven years ago, I met a young American student (Oh I miss the French language right now – I wanted to convey that it was a young lady which I could have done easily with simply using une not un and Americaine not Americain… ).   She sang the praises of this lake south of Geneva.  So it’s been on my wish list for a while.  A friend and I went for three days, two nights.  A delightful find.  There is a small historic area with canals.  It’s been called the French Venice, but get those images of gondolas out of your mind.  These are small and shallow canals, more picturesque at this point then transportesque (ok so I made up a word!).  And a gorgeous lake.  We took a cruise on our full day.  The plans changed completely from a brief hour to a two hour to a two hour with a stop that ended up taking from 10 til 4.  Wonderful.  It’s surrounded by mountains – not quite the pointy peaks of the Alps, but getting there.  Albertville is only 30 miles away.  We stepped off at Talloire, a small village lakeside.  Wandered about.  Had a café – my friend did.  I had water.  Wandered.  Found a great restaurant near the small harbor and had a 2 hour lunch. Which is very easy in France.

Beef in France.  A friend said earlier this week that the meat wasn’t very good.  I guess I would agree in many circumstances.  But if you see Charolais or Savoyard on the menu, it will be delicious!  I had great meals including burgers and raclette of those two beef types.  Miam Miam.

The Alps are famous for the fondue but also raclette.  That’s where they put a cheese on this intricate machine that then melts and you scrap it off to put it on potatoes and meat.  In my case thin strips of dry Savoyard beef.  Double Miam.

There were museums in the Chateau and the Palais des Iles… but the buildings were more interesting than the modern art.  The French like to combine the two.  At least there were no Jeff Koons pieces.  I detest him.  Instead: Chinese animation.  OK.

For a moment I considered a second trip to Annecy to wander a bit further afield – like Albertville.  But instead I am energized to investigate the Swiss Alps trains.  That’s now on the agenda for September.

So today I have been taking it easy as I am a bit worried that a cold is lurking.  Yes, I have been taking Zicam and Day/Ny quill.  But taking it easy after a trip is also a good idea.  Moving from bed to couch to computer to couch to bed to computer…  yet the fridge is fairly empty so a trip to the store is on tap for later this afternoon.  Which is why this blog started on the topic of glasses.  I am going to have to put those contacts in shortly…


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