Happy Place

Where is your own personal Happy Place?  Do you have one?  Do you get there often?   Paris was my very happy place – ma ville tres hereuse.

But this year has been more difficult than others.  So it’s been complicated.

My most ultimate – or would that be penultimate?  Nope, that’s second to last…. Ok back to Ultimate. (be careful when searching for a definition on Google if Google knows you are in France because it gives you the definition not in English but in French.  Which raises another question – I don’t let Google know my location.  I must have some privacy {say that with an English accent please.}  Maybe Google choose French because it figured out that my internet provider today is French?)

Revenons a nous moutons.

I love that French phrase – meaning let’s get back to the subject but literally, let’s come back to our sheep.  Yup.

Anyway, one of my favorite places is by or on water.  If anyone remembers my blogging after the terrorist attacks in November 2015, you will recall that finally I had to get up to Deauville to sit by the water for an afternoon in order to regain my energy.

Water has always been important to me.  I grew up aside a lake in Minnesota.  We boated, and skated, and once or twice swam.  (There were leeches!  I still shudder when I watch that scene in African Queen!).   I wasn’t a beach nut in Los Angeles, but still I could get to the beach or just drive along Highway One.  And Pittsburgh had its three rivers. (not much else.)  When landlocked in the Central Valley, I still worked alongside Mill Creek, and the Sierras and rushing streams and rivers were only an hour away.  Or Three Rivers even closer.  And Sacramento has two rivers – one I cross multiple times a day when there.  And even Paris has the Seine.  So yeah, I see water streaming through my life with its energy flowing over to me too.

Back to the sheep…

About two weeks ago, I was thinking, I need to get to water.  I need to spend some time hearing waves.  Maybe that would cleanse the system.  But my schedule was complicated.  Appointments, trips, London, visiting friends…  I do have a ferry trip but not until the end of August.  Sigh.  There just was no place to fit a quick trip to Deauville or Dieppe into my schedule.

So I went on with my life.  Traveled to Annecy for three days.  Had a great time.  And came back to Paris on Saturday.  Sunday I was in a chipper mood.  Monday too.  I stopped to wonder about it.  How did that happen?  What changed to lighten up life?  I wasn’t able to get up to the English Channel.  What?

Sometimes the Universe just laughs, with us – not at us.  But laughs.  Annecy is a beautiful place.  Right next to LAKE Annecy (in French, Lac).  And I spend a full day cruising around it or having a long lunch staring at the harbor.

Duh.  Thanks, Universe.  The water worked.


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