It’s August!

You know what that means?  Tourists – yes.  But No Parisians.

I learned this year that there are two types of Parisians – Juilletists and Aoutiens.  Juliers and Augustians… Those who leave in July, and those who leave in August.  Most are Aoutiens, I believe.

My French friends are both.  Gone to Montenegro, to the south of France, to Spain, to the Canaries… Everywhere! While I sit here.  But the weather has been great and I shouldn’t complain as I am off to the UK on Sunday.

Back in Paris:

The signs are all up in the smaller shops and restaurants: closed until September.  My bakery is closed all weekends in July and Augusts and for a full week in August.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow – he leaves Saturday and returns in September.

A friend says she sees more tourists this year.  The official sites say tourism is rising again in France and Paris.  I haven’t noticed really.  The line at Notre Dame doesn’t seem any longer than two months ago.  Nor does the Eiffel Tower area seem more crowded.  My favorite bus goes right by it.  Seems normal.  But I will check when friends visit in late August and we will be going to the official tourist spots.


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