Never too much Happiness

After that last blog, I started musing.  Not just do you know where your happy place is, more importantly, do you know what makes you happy?

Because once you do, then you must make sure you make it happen with great regularity.

I discovered a way to figure out what made me happy – ya, there’s the big stuff you are supposed to say: friends, family, etc.  But what moves you to smile?  Try this: Start to smile – very slowly.  And notice the muscles around your mouth.  You can actually feel the corners of your lips tip up.  I have made an effort to notice that and now I do quite frequently.  What starts to make you smile is the thing that makes you happy.  It can be as simple as a text, a kid getting on a ride at the carnival, to the taste of hot French bread.  Or a glance at a boat floating down the Seine – or any river.  Try it.  And whatever caused it, do more of it.

And if you have been in a funk, watch comedies.  Norman Cousins swore by comedies when he was in the hospital for cancer.  And had a remission.

One of my personal favorites is the pie scene from The Great Race. I hope this link works:



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