Traveling Fatigue

Every day in Britain, I walked more than 5 miles.  And on one day I walked more than 7 and a half miles.  No wonder I am tired.  I got home Friday night.  There was a parking space – actually an empty loading spot – across from my building.  I asked the Uber driver to carry my bags up and he did.  I gave him 5 euro which was probably too much and I don’t think he expected it.  But it was worth every penny to me.  Remember? I did shop in London so the bag was much heavier!

Sleeping in your own bed (especially on the new mattress that she bought in June) is heaven after traveling.  On Saturday I was successful.  I set a goal for the day and I totally accomplished it!

The goal: to do nothing.

Well, I did walk over to the grocery for needed supplies.  But other than that, I loafed on the coach between taped episodes of La Reine de Shopping and Chasseurs d’Appart and reading.  Heaven.

I picked up a tiny cough in London and I don’t want it to blossom into a huge cold so I am continuing my goal for this week end.  And I have to rest up for my visitors Monday week.  A friend and her 7 year old daughter.  It will be a full 12 days of fun!

I also had a minor goal of talking to a friend BEFORE she read my blogs so I could actually have a conversation and not have her say, oh yeah, I read about that…  The trials and tribulations of a blogger.


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