Who IS here in August?

Chantiers!  That’s workmen/people to you.  I walked over to buy some wine and passed many of those closed signs.  The butcher is also closed, but it’s full of activity.  They are totally remodeling.  There was a nice sign saying they were closed for remodeling and be open mid August (I bet September) and have a nice vacation everyone.

The printers, however, are closed.  Every day at the Metro you can pick up either Avec Nous or Direct Matin –  daily (M-F) rags for art and activities or news and ads.  But not from the last week of July.  Well, I guess I can figure that out…  and the trains that used to run every 1 to 2 minutes are now more like 3 or 4.  Everything slows down.

For a reader… it is City of Light not Lights.  Hmph.   And more for the Enlightenment than street lighting, btw.

And did I sound surprised by the exodus in July and August?  Not at all.  I just continue to be fascinated by it.  A tradition that might be going away slowly – large department stores are now open on weekends and SUNDAYs.  But it’s just so French.


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