Not the most august month in my mind, but probably the Frenchies worship it.

Been on a walkabout. Covered probably 5 blocks in my neighborhood.  With lots of small shops.  Only 4 were open – one clothing, one lingerie, one jewelry, and one kids clothes.  That’s it.  That’s on 5 blocks – both sides of the street!  It’s truly a ghost town.

But the bakery is open again.  I stopped in on my way home.  Got a HOT baguette.  I didn’t take the first bite until I reached my kitchen.  However, I think I made a mistake by bringing it out here by the laptop…

I tried to chat with the bakery lady.  Same bakery as the past two years, but new lady this trip.  She is so happy and welcoming.  Remembers me.  Little bit of chat.  Today I was brave and after I paid her, I asked if she had a good vacation.  It took twice for her to get it and she responded tres vite and I didn’t quite catch it but nodded meaningfully and left smiling but quickly. Oh well.

Today my conversations started again – after everyone else’s vacations and my brief trip to England.  One this afternoon, one tomorrow, another Friday after the Monoprix delivery and then one on Sunday.  Saturday is reserved for the house cleaning and final wash before my visitors arrive on Monday.  It was nice to see a friend again and nice to see he could still understand me.  We talked about colds.  And I was able to tell him about the Remedy of Two Hats.  He laughed!  So he understood.  Nice way to end the day.


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