French Language

[I wrote this before the last blog so it’s a bit out of sequence…  I saw my first returning Frenchy today.  (Why am I suddenly calling them Frenchies???)]

My French friends are still out for vacanes.  But three come back this week starting on Wednesday.  It will be delicious to catch up.

Speaking of French, England was a nice break, but as I said, I had more trouble with their accents than I think I do with the French.  And some of that is because many were not native English speakers.  This is NOT a racist comment, it is simply an observation.  I’d be a terrible worker in France as my accent is probably incomprehensible to the regular French.  I think that maybe the English could understand very well the non-native English speakers who live there because it’s a foreign accent on top of the English accent.  I have realized that I have to listen carefully to the English accent itself –  add the foreign accent on top and I am lost.  (It took me 3 days to understand anyone in New Zealand!)

Back to my point.  Yes there was one.  Revenons a nos moutons!  I find myself thinking in French.  That should be good.  As I was walking yesterday, I noticed that.  Then I was trying to figure out how it was happening.  Was I thinking in English first and then translating?  Didn’t seem to be…  So I was thinking in French?  Like the words formed?  But how?  Did I have an image? A sensation of what I wanted to think about?  Like perhaps the bakery and when I saw that in my head, the French word appeared?  Or.  Did my brain just move on its usual track of wondering where I go next and the boulangerie just appeared because I am in France and therefore I use French words?

Oh it twisted me up so, this weird analysis.  I am putting off any further investigation until I speak with my two friends who are language teachers.


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