Noise saga

The noise across the street has shifted. From regular jack hammering and concrete block dumping to intermittent hammering …(sans Jack) (or is that Jacques?) and occasional block dumping. This is progress I guess.

The floors are almost empty of detritus and work things. (Alert! This is the first time I have used the word detritus!) This building has the main entrance off Ave Charles de Gaulle then comes around like a U with the back side across from me and a courtyard in the middle. I can see the windows have all been installed on the main avenue side. And even on the courtyard side of my side. That bodes well. Right now I hear the noise of the ceiling and pipes installation. So that will stop soon when the windows go in. But they are going to do something with the façade. Hopefully that will simply be pounding, not jack hammering. And at some point they must reach the bottom of the parking garage. It seems like the never-ending pit. Or maybe they are digging another floor? I wouldn’t think that possible, but who knows?

Oh my! I just checked. They have jack hammered two openings into the garage…. Meaning HOLES in the ground floor that open to the garage. What on earth will that be? A skylight? But its in the building so there won’t be a lot of light. Maybe stairs? But why? Or as the French say, pourquoi pas? Why not?

At least it has been cool enough to shut the windows in the morning and most afternoons and that lessens the noise considerably.


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