A Saturday

I had good intentions this morning to sit down at the laptop after breakfast and blog.  But life has a way of interfering…  First, I am sleeping better and longer than before.  So suddenly I have less time in the morning than before.  Second, I remember stuff to do.  Third, I also remember a RDV (rendez-vous) at 4 to speak English/French so that shortens the day. And fourth, I am planning a trip and immediately need tour books!!!

So that meant after breakfast, I headed out the door to first Darty to find vacuum cleaner bags.  That’s the stuff to do.  Not exciting, not sexy, but certainly helps keep the apartment clean.  However, they were sold only in bulk and I won’t use 18 in the next four months!  Hrumph.

Then walked across to Gibert Jeune, one of the best book stores and I find it fun to figure out where to go because, you see, Gibert Jeune is not in one building.  Nope, there are at least 6 or maybe 8 different stores all around the fountain of St Michel.  I like the way it spreads out.  The other big book store is Gibert Joseph.  Huh? You say.  Yup.  They were brothers – the papa had a bookstore and the two split to each have their own.

Got my books – two in French and one in English.  Destination?  Well, let’s just say that Bob, Bing and Dorothy went there too!  Morocco.  Maroc in French.  It was a French something or other – protectorate?  Anyway, I should be fine for the language. I am going to Marrakesh for my annual “leave the Schengen territory for one night and return as a tourist” as required by my 6 month visa.

I’ll write more about Morocco and my decision in a future blog.

I’ve had several conversation exchanges this week after two weeks of English with my visitors.  And yes, once again I find that the break seems to help my French.  I notice more and more that I am thinking in French.  But my accent needs help – I swear I said exactly what they said at least three times when suddenly they say it and oh my now they get it.  Hrumph.

Yesterday I shopped at Sephora.  I needed to replace a blush that dropped and the powder fell apart.  Worthless.  So a simple task.  I asked for someone who spoke English…  They set me down at the Dior counter with an Australian who has lived here for 10 years.  She was very nice.  And then Bernadette showed up.  She is the top top top Dior person who teaches everyone else.  And suddenly it is not about blush but it is about skin care and my very dehydrated skin.  Who knew?  I blush to say this (even without blusher!) but I am always complimented on my Swedish skin.  Yet I am at that age when a woman starts seriously thinking about her face.  Well, actually, I think I am older but my skin’s been ok so far.  I recall my mother buying very expensive Italian or French skin care products at the age of 50.  I am past that but cough cough you don’t need the details!

It’s my mom’s fault, you see.

I caved and come home with skin care this and that and eye cream this and that and yes, blush too.  And special bonus!  I had an email from Sephora for 25% off a product.  Well, there you go.  I had to buy it all!  What a deal!

I took a selfie of my eyes.  I am going to check back in three weeks.

And good news about the construction!  That hole in the ground floor looking into the garage?  They filled it over.  I still don’t know why…  The good news is windows!  They have finally started to install the windows on the side of the building that faces me.  Window installation is quite quiet compared to jack hammering.

Now I must get a hotel reservation in Marrakesh.

Oh and as for sleeping better, perhaps because this was day 3 of no cola.