The g(yes, small g)ods Are Watching


Was it the Greek or Roman gods who would become jealous of a man’s prosperity so that when something good happened the people would shout to the heavens how terrible things were. Just to keep the gods from coming down to see if they wanted to take for themselves the new prosperity or child or whatever.

I think they read my blog about silence. After posting and doing my train research, I decided to go to the SNCF Boutique to purchase my tickets – better chance of NOT getting stuck in a club four seating arrangement. And on the door to the entry is a notice. On Monday Sept 18 there will be construction in Building B to replace something on the elevator. I think it even said it would go on for 8 weeks.

What??? I don’t know what is worse – that there will be noise again or that building B (I am in building A) has an elevator while I must trudge up three flights of stairs.

At least I will be gone for five workdays on my trip to La Rochelle and Bordeaux. It’s on the west coast of France, an area I really haven’t visited yet, at least south of Brittany. Tickets purchased. Seating ok. Conversation in French went extremely well. I am looking for either a tour van from Bordeaux to St Emilion or maybe I will take the local bus or train. I will check out Rome2Rio later. (Have I told you about Rome2Rio? It’s a cool app and website that tells you how to get everywhere! Even when Google Maps gets stumped by an ocean, Rome2Rio tells you to fly over it!) And tomorrow I may call the office du tourisme and ask about tour companies. I have heard too much about St Emilion to miss it What I heard, I can’t recall. But it has been much discussed.

Maroc is shaping up too, but that’s not til November. Several blogs away.

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