Bread and Weather

As I was walking home, I saw a lady carrying a baguette from the bakery and, yes, she had bitten off the top.   I couldn’t decide whether to walk faster since they were clearly right out of the oven and tasty or walk slower so that by the time I got there it would be cool enough to carry in my hand. (Yes, I have had on more than one occasion to juggle a too hot baguette from hand to hand to keep from burning… ok, not burning, but it was uncomfortable!). It didn’t matter really, it was a baguette!  I got there and yes the big baguette was warm and yes I too bit the top off of it as I walked up my stairs.

Then I wanted to come to the computer and start my blog to tell you all this delicious news but the baguette was more delicious than the news so I had a piece…  or two. Then I started my dinner. I made a salad but of course I had to have a small slice of bread to go with the salad. After I sat down and had a couple bites of salad I suddenly thought:  where is the baguette? Where did it go?  After looking around with no success I realized clearly I must’ve eaten it so then of course I had to have another.  I brought it out to watch TV as I was having my first course and somehow that disappeared too.  There must be gremlins!  Baguette gremlins!

I had enough self-control to not eat the entire thing!

And, btw, last Sunday I went to Heritage Days.  In between visits, my friend and I had
breakfast” in a little café.   Orange juice, croissant and tea.  I like croissants indeed.  But since I moved here, I don’t buy them very often.  And when I do, it’s in the evening so that I don’t have to go to the bakery in the morning.  So this croissant at the café was something I hadn’t done for years.

Wow.  The orange juice was fresh squeezed and sweet.  The tea was fine.  And the croissant was to die for.  So smooth and tasty and melting in the mouth.  It was 12 Euros – maybe 14 bucks as the exchange rate is not doing Americans any favors.  But worth every centime.  I believe I shall repeat this experience soon.

It has been a beautiful last few days.  When you dress in layers and always carry an umbrella.  I say it is like the Sierras… the saying there is just wait 10 minutes and the weather will change.  Seems the same here.  Bright sky,  puffy white clouds that make your soul happy and then suddenly overcast and dark threatening black clouds – that more often than not just float by without dropping rain.  There’s an American real estate agent who has lived here for years.  She is sometimes on House Hunter International.  She has a blog.  Yesterday I read that years ago she said to a friend who came to visit Paris – as they left the door grabbing their umbrellas:  “It’s Paris. You didn’t come for the weather.”  True.  Although for me, the rain is fine – it’s the hot hot hot weather that I dislike.  Anyway, I quote her now because she said that her friend quoted her in a blog and now the phrase is all over the net.  She said she is going to copyright it.  So I am telling you the story before there is any copyright infringement!

Right the sun is shining and it should reach 70.  Glorious.  September so far has seemed like winter – I actually turned on my electric wall heaters two days ago.  And had that wonderful aroma of burning dust for the first hour.  Still, I was warm.

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