Been waiting but no one has corrected my Episcopals to Episcopalians…

I want to get back to Sacramento to read! Sounds odd but I don’t seem to read here like I do in CA. There are too many things to do or places to see. Or I am simply too tired and want mind numbing computer solitaire. Sometimes I find my brain too full of experiences.

A French friend just gave me a Christmas and life present today. Cute plates of Paris. Very nice of him but they are damn heavy!!! And I have my luggage weight accounted for in ounces. And he says he can’t bring them. Grrr. I don’t want to be unappreciative but right now this is simply a headache. And 50 bucks to mail back…

Why can’t people follow instructions? A friend wants to sell his apartment. It’s been 3 months. I told him ages ago about planting St Joseph upside down. A sure way to get your place sold but he doesn’t do it. And hasn’t done it for 2 months. Another friend is applying for a visa to the US. I told him he needed to bring his resume and all dates and addresses for schooling. Did he? No. So we sit here as he struggles to remember it all.

Speaking of a US visa application… they ask if you are a member of a terrorist organization. And have you dabbled in human trafficking. Or sold drugs… ok I get it. Maybe. But who’s going to say yes? I know. If they get caught lying, it’s an easy automatic deportation. France doesn’t ask that of me when I apply. I’d answer truthfully.

They’d let me back. Macron loves Americans. Too bad I’m not a climate scientist.