Boxing Day – tango, traveling, flirting…

Happy Boxing Day.  So far I have decided it will be a lazy day.  I have things to do on the computer.  Ask for refunds for those pesky auto-renewals.  Finishing a photo book that should have been completed in August.  Some banking.  Try to avoid looking at my stocks…

That’s enough to depress the rest of the day.

NO!   It’s not.  I have survived other stock market tumbles.  Let’s hope the really rich smart people are getting fed up with the financial chaos and will do something…  LOL.  Wanting the nobility to start a revolution!

I had a very quiet and merry Christmas with an expat friend.  The one whose apartment I will be house-sitting in February, March and April.  I’m excited about this.  It’s a very chic neighborhood, just two blocks from the Champs de Mars which means Eiffel Tower!  And it’s a bigger apartment than this one.  I like this neighborhood too.  But on a day you want to stay in and get work done, there are limited places to move about in this place.  In California, I could be at the dining room table, even the small counter in the kitchen.  In the living room on the sofa or the recliner.  Upstairs in the cozy chair in the bedroom or in the office at the computer or sitting on the futon.

Here?  The kitchen table, the futon, the bed.   At the February place, a sofa, an easy chair, the dining room table, the kitchen table, or the bedroom.  Breathing room.  I have thought about taking the laptop down to a café and ordering a hot tea to type for a bit.  But the laptop’s heavy.  And I didn’t bring the keyboard I could use with the iPad.  (It’s on the list to return from the US).

Speaking of the US, I ordered new dance shoes today.  I like the ones I have so much that I want a second pair for backup.  They are comfy and good looking.  The only place I could find them was in the UK.  But free shipping to the US and cheaper than I spent for the originals in Sacramento.  They should be there upon my return.

Tango is turning out to be quite the investment.  Today I figured out that I have taken 32 lessons since September.  And I am only scratching the surface.  I keep telling myself there was a time I couldn’t speak French well and now I start up conversations with strangers and hold my own.  (in French!)  So there is hope for my dancing.

If you told me in 2015 that my newly started blog would include tango topics 4 years later, I would have laughed at you.

Tomorrow I am getting up relatively early to camp out at the Apple store.  The cool iPhone 6s gifted to me by a friend needs a new battery.  I was going to do that in the States, but discovered you needed an appointment and I couldn’t wait on the one day I had.  It wasn’t imperative.  But since being in France, it’s had two Peak Performance Capability issues and shut itself down.  Time for a new battery.  But, of course, no appointments are available at any of the Apple places in Paris for the next 10 days.  (It’s a 10 day window and has been the same for the last 7 days that I have checked.) So tomorrow I shall take a fully charged Kindle and the backed up iPhone 6s and just sit and wait.   Hopefully, the new battery will be working before 1pm (that would be three hours) so I can meet a friend at the Hotel Crillon, my favorite luxury tea place in Paris.  My objective is to visit all the 5 star hotels for tea.  And Crillon is a return visit – but they will still have the holiday decorations up and that is so sparkly fun, I can’t resist.

Speaking of holiday decorations, I think this is one of the reasons I have been a bit out of frame.  All my other trips – I left in January.  So this time of year was the rush to see all Marches, to see all lights, to do any last minute things before leaving.

This time, I am still at the beginning of my 6 months.  I have been here just 37 days! (No, I don’t hand count – I am not that OCD.  But I do have Countdowner Timer app.)  I’ve caught up with friends.  Visited old haunts.  Discovered my new neighborhood.  Had 11 tango lessons!  And taken in all the expositions that will close by January 6.  Pretty busy, I would say.

Yet I want to get out.  Get out of Paris.  And I look at the map…  I’ve been to a lot of places!  I think my first jaunt may be to Clermont Ferrand.  And maybe it’s time to go back to the Loire.  That’s where I had my immersion classes.  I still keep in touch with Anne-Sophie, my best and fav prof.  I want to get to Angers and Poiters.  Maybe I should push this off until March or April for warmer weather?  Maybe Grenoble?  To see the snow?  At one point I considered Lourdes – but it’s complicated to get there.  I could always go back to Nice.  It was nice.  HAHAHAHA

Well, it was nice.  And I think I could do it via the train.  Last time we rented a car.   But the temps are in the 50-60s right now.  I will wait until it warms up.

And a somewhat sad update on the shoe repair guy I mentioned a couple blogs ago…  As I said, he flirts outrageously. When I dropped the boots off,  he kept wondering how I could be retired. Now, and this is true, I look a lot younger than I am. Always have. In college they thought I was in high school.   So when I went back to get the boots, he picked up the same thread.  I looked so young!  I couldn’t possibly be retired.  Beautiful, etc…  All nice making-me-smile stuff.   Well, heck.  I decided to tell him my age.

Dammit. That turned out to be a stupid idea.  After being astonished, he stopped flirting and became respectful. What the heck????   Never doing that again!