Stay safe?

What was the news telling you, over in America? I received tons of texts, calls, and FB posts and messages asking if I was and telling me to be safe.

It wasn’t a terrorist attack. At least, for the moment it is being treated as an accident. It started right where the scaffolding was. Probably some machine malfunction? A random spark? The fire could have smoldered for hours.

If I was a terrorist, I’d want it to be clear it was my doing. So I wouldn’t hide it near the renovation work. And I’d claim responsibility immediately. No one has as far as I know.

And if you (oh I cannot think this possible of you, dear reader) or anyone you know or overheard even whispers the word Muslim, rant at them. Rage at them. I recall the attacks in 2015 at Bataclan when the only Uber driver who came to pick me up was an Arab. Without him I would have been stranded in the middle of Paris at 11 a night.

Terrorists are terrorists. Any color. Any religion.

Ok my rant over.

2 thoughts on “Stay safe?

  1. Hello! I did check with you yesterday asking if you were safe/OK but I assumed you were based on the reportage here and on BBC that we could get on TV. I did not hear a word of speculation that the fire was related to a terrorist attack. Everything report about the fire pointed to it starting in the area where the revocation work was being done. So sad, so sad…


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