More Odds to One Ending

In a recent post, I said that I had been snarky.  A lovely Dear Reader wrote this back: Of course snarky is good.  It is a combination of common sense, intellectual reasoning and a healthy dose of humor.  Maybe.  But I do want to manage my snarkiness.

The Tut expo here in Paris…  I went to the traveling Tut in Los Angeles in the 70’s.  A friend said she was in the second grade.  I thought seriously for a moment about unfriending her.  Back to Tut.  I recall seeing the death mask.  The real thing.  Is that my memory playing tricks on me?  Any Dear Readers who recall?  It was not here in Paris so I was disappointed.  In fact, I think it was actually a rather small exp but cleverly mounted.  Very dark.  Snaking back and forth into small rooms with small things but of gold so it almost glowed.  With lots of space around each display.  And some great use of videos – to tell a story, to show the excavation in Ken Burns style. Well done.  But I finished in less than an hour.

I noticed a bus driver giving the hand signal for thank you to a car recently.  And realized I have seen this more frequently.  So.  Either the French are becoming friendlier and politer or I am just noticing it.  I lean to the later.  However, I have read in tourist books that the pedestrian is not supposed to wave or mouth thank you or merci to a car that stops for them – it’s a dead giveaway that you are a tourist.  I don’t care.  Feels like the right thing to do.

If I was going to plan something nefarious in Paris, I’d buy or rent a white van.  They are ubiquitous in Paris.  But I am not going to.  Just an observation.

Yes, perhaps I have been here too long.  I noticed myself reading on my phone on the bus yesterday.  Huh?

And I haven’t had one macaron this trip.  Not one.  And perhaps only three croissants.  I have, however, discovered the Financier Nature.  Miam Miam,

For the first time in 50 some years, there are changes to the bus routes.  RATP, the company that runs the buses and metro did a big questionnaire last year.  Wanted to know how people used the buses.  Lots of publicity about it.  And I still have one friend who was totally surprised when I mentioned the new bus routes to her yesterday.  There’s always one.

They have added a few routes.  Extended many of the bus routes at the beginning or end or both.  And they moved the start of bus 87 from a block from me to half a mile away.  Huh?  Fortunately, I only needed it once before I leave.  Not sure if the new route is what distracted him, but yesterday at a bus stop I waved at the bus as you are supposed to do to get it to stop but I just watched it pass me by.  I shouted!  And waved more.  And he pulled over.  I wonder if he heard me or if the other passengers called out for me?  No matter.  He stopped.  And when I got on, he was so apologetic!  Over and over.  Desole.  Desole.  It was ok.  And when I got off the bus, he had a red light where I had a green crosswalk light.  Our eyes connected and he mimed apologies again and again.  I finally did the Namaste hands together.  He did too.  We smiled and I hope his day was better.

On the metro I guilted a young man to stand and give me his seat.  Well, not so sure I did that much to have him stand.  My white hair does help.  I haven’t had to limp yet.  I will say, on previous stays, it seemed that the person giving me a seat on the bus or metro generally turned out to be an American male.  This year, it’s been young people, mostly men.  I am very appreciative.

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