Une bonne journée

All the pains, hassles, and worries are gone. Disparu comme le singe of Eddie Izzard.

Easy transfer to the hôtel on Sunday. Today was packed. And I walked over 8 miles! I’m woofed.

Bought a box and mailed the last package home. Was worth it because now my suitcase is under 45 pounds. Breathing space. Made room for the chocolates. Miam Miam.

Got to Foire de Paris. The biggest combination home show, garden show, inventor showcase, international bazaar, and everything else including the kitchen sink. (Literally. There’s a separate room for kitchens!)

Time for a late tea at Hotel Crillon, my absolute fav or luxury hotel teas. Then a walk around Notre Dame. They are working hard. And capping the night off with dinner with my dear friend O. He teaches at the Paris University. We were supposed to speak English as he wants more practice. And I found myself falling back into French.

Then home via Uber and now relaxing. All is packed except for the butter. I fetch it from their freezer tomorrow morning.

Yes. I know. I owe you some more blogs. When I get back and rest up. You’re first on the list, dear reader.

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