I’ve been back 2 months today. 

People ask, don’t you miss Paris?  Truth is, not so much.  I am sure I have said before that this return is for a longer time, to see how this consulting partnership plays out.  There are great possibilities ahead but as with all new enterprises, it takes a while to get up to speed.  So this time back in California, my attitude is different.  I am not living out of a suitcase for 3 months, waiting to go home.  Even last year when I stayed longer to work on elections, I still had that return date in my head. 

This time.  Different.  I have filled my time, probably excessively so.  I don’t want to be lollygag about pining for Paris.

Instead, I have taken up Bridge lessons.  Yes, the card game.  My friend for whom I was house sitting was on a 3 month cruise.  I saw his itinerary – 5 days at sea!  I couldn’t think of anything more boring and asked him what he did.  Read. Watch Videos.  Play bridge.  Oh. Intriguing…  And about the same time, I became acquainted with two others who played bridge.  It started looking interesting, so I joined the bridge club and am taking lessons.   Bridge is more difficult than speaking French.  Because Bridge uses English but in ways not defined in the dictionary.  Bridge is all CODE.  Double can mean several things – except not 2 times something.  My head is exploding.  There are moments where I see the light.  Followed immediately by rolling black outs.

And I continue with Tango.  My teacher and a friend have both said my skills have advanced considerably.  Sweet.  I take a private lesson once a week and have joined an intermediate group lesson.  Whoa.  Intermediate!  And you know what?  That’s where I should be.  Dancing with the guys in that class is so much better than in the beginning group I had tried last month. Now on my trips to Macy’s, I look for tops or dresses that say Tango!

I have rejoined the gym and have a personal trainer.  She’s just what I need – she teaches yoga and is a dancer herself.  So, I have asked for things that will enhance my tango.  Wonderful.

I am turning this blog into a book.  I’ve mentioned that before.  But stupid me.  My blog file was simple to keep up – I just typed the latest blog entry at the top of the word document.  Think that through.  I didn’t.  If I want the book in chronological order from the start – duh – then I must cut and paste to reorder the posts.  I finally finished that today.  Next up, formatting for titles etc. and the table of contents. Then eventually printing out the 400+ pages for reading and editing.  I think I shall have to edit with a glass of French wine.  Or two.

Because the consulting gig includes seminars and because I can see giving talks at the service clubs for both the consulting and for the blog book, I have finally joined Toastmasters.  Speaking in front of a group has always been easy for me.  Well, after 4 years of college wherein if I had to give a talk in class, I would drop the class.  Somewhere along the line, speaking clicked.  But I want to be more dramatic.  Shrug.  Why not?

And because I can, I got a job at the local art/indie/foreign film cinema.  Part-time.  Just starting.  Who knows?  At least I get to see the movies for free.

And then there are friends with whom to catch up and plebian things like more insulation in the attic.

Life is not boring.

Oh yeah. I start the French conversation group at Alliance Francaise in a week.