Marcie Mortensson loves Paris.  She’s loved Paris since 2007 when she went to England for a 4 week trip, fully expecting to return each year.  A quick jaunt to Chartres for a labyrinth workshop took her through Paris.  And, as they say, c’est fini.   Paris felt right.

After a successful career in human resources executive leadership in health care, banking, retail, and general business, she devotes her time to executive and personal coaching.  This field lets her assist people to achieve their professional goals and fulfill their personal dreams.

Her fundamental belief is that the Universe wants you to be happy.  And you have to trust in the Universe.   So if you make clear your desires, they will manifest.  More years ago than she cares to recall, she quit a job without another job.  It seemed to difficult to find a new job while working.  That’s a scary thing to do, but she was only 23.  Marcie quit on Friday, heard about a job on Monday, interviewed on Tuesday, and was offered the job on Wednesday.
So many years later, with a house, dog, cat, and bills, she faced another challenge – working in a job that was no longer challenging and exciting.  It was draining and depressing to go to work.
“If you want something new to come into your life, create the space for it to appear.”
After hearing a speaker admonish her, she took two years to get the guts to quit.  No job.  No plans.  And the future unfolded with a new job before the 3 months notice period ended.
Marcie now lives her life with the attitude of Infinite Possibilities.  And looks for the hand of the Universe every day.
She is a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and coaches with StrengthFinders.  She is also qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator and the FIRO B instrument used in counseling and communication workshops.

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