Butter Weather!


There are few things in the world better than French salted butter.  Especially when you can see the salt crystals in the butter itself. Yum.  Miam Miam.  It’s the Swede in me I guess.    So what’s Butter Weather?   Why, of course, it’s when you can safely leave the butter on the counter instead of putting it back in the fridge.  So that the butter is the absolute perfect consistency for buttering bread (French, of course).   Yes, the weather has turned – it was 46 this morning when I woke up.  Highs in the high 60s or low 70s during the day.  Fabulous.


I am off to meet a friend of a friend this afternoon who has just arrived.  I do enjoy being a tour guide.  So I will take a highlighter and one of my many extra maps of Paris and give her tips.  It will be interesting to see what her other friends have suggested.

I VOTED TODAY!  It was a busy day at La Poste.  Mailed my ballot to the County of Sacramento Elections office.  Wrapped it with packing tape – that sucker will not break open en route.  Then I posted a gift to a friend – the goddess of Peace… wonder if she will get that?  And fortunately, the nice guy helped me.  I sent something to my sister a few months ago in a big envelope usually used for papers… and he just let it go that way….  Meaning no customs forms to fill out.  Last thing I sent,  – scarves in the same type of envelope – I had to fill out all the forms.   The nice guy just had me seal it up and off it went.  Much cheaper that way too.

Daily I follow the election via the New York Times and Washington Post on my IPhone.

(oh, by the way, I HATE IOS10… You might want to read up about before you install or you will be searching frantically to figure out how to open the dang thing and how to read your email that suddenly appears in the tiniest font possible – that’s on my IPhone 5, btw for full disclosure.  I have managed to figure it all out, but sure surprised me.)

(At least my laptop is working again – a reader told me that Microsoft pushed out a huge update…  Although it did make changes to my lock screen photo all by itself.  Instead of my Eiffel Tower photo, suddenly there were giraffes!!?!?!)

Back to the election.  You must have figured out I am with her.   Got my hat and buttons finally.  She’s not perfect – what politician is?  But Trump scares me.  Trump supporters scare me.  I hear and see him encouraging civil disobedience… nope, that’s not right.  Civil disobedience means using nonviolence to change.  He’s inciting people to violence.  That’s not the way America is supposed to work.  At my lowest point, I wonder if this is the end of democracy.

All my healing friends – time to send as much positive energy into the world.  Trump. Brexit. Marine Le Pen in France, Merkel losing favor, UK to scrap the Human Rights Act for the British Bill of Rights whatever that is, the Colombians not approving the peace accord…  Thank god for Justin Trudeau. (Diversity over division).

The blog won today.  Now off to the couch to read before setting off for Bercy.


Image result for brexit voteBrexit surprised many.  What a mess.  I bought The Times, the Daily Mail and the International New York Times on Sunday to figure out what was going on.

Not there yet.  Mike Dooley posted a quote:  Question everything that doesn’t make sense until it does make sense.  I think I am going to be questioning this for a long time.  What worries me is that so many people voted to Leave without understanding the full ramifications.  Just read about a small county that voted overwhelmingly to leave.  And now they are suddenly aware that the big subsidy they received from the EU might be (?might? WILL) be going away.

And there is no exit strategy.  Not on Cameron’s side.  Not on the Leave campaign side.  The EU is saying hurry up and leave since you want out.  And Britain is saying we are not ready to formally declare our resignation.  Once they give notice, there is a two year time frame to untangle the arrangement.  And the EU doesn’t want to make this an easy process.  And of course they don’t.  If it’s simple and painless, there are several other countries that will want out.  And then the whole thing might collapse.

And of course there’s the complication that Scotland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and London want to remain.  And now Scotland wants out of the UK again.  Maybe.  And Spain wants Gibraltar.  And the far right in the Netherlands and in France are talking about getting out too.

David Cameron didn’t have to hold this referendum.  Just sayin’.

Here’s a link to Samantha Bee’s take on Brexit.  Funny.  Adult language warning.  http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-06-28/david-tennant-reads-angry-tweets-reacting-to-donald-trumps-scotland-gaffe

Amazing to hear the people who voted to Leave to send a message, thinking their vote wouldn’t really count.  And the lies that the Leave campaign made.  Hoping the US pays some attention to this!

Yup.  Then there’s the US election.  I keep getting reminders from the US Embassy here about registering to vote.  I thought I had registered in May as an overseas civilian but I hadn’t heard from the Sac Registrar of voters.  I called today.  Yes.  They have my e-application to change my status.  But it won’t be processed until after the June ballot is closed up.  So I should hear by September.  However, there should be no problems.  Everything on my app looked good.  I chose the vote electronically option.  Wish I could do that even when home… but if I am back in the States for the following election, I have to change it back.

Seems funny to be classified as a Civilian Overseas.  But I guess that’s what I am.

Oh and more Brexit news – the official working language of the EU is English.  Just read that maybe it will change to French.  Which it was before England got in and the Scandinavian countries joined.  English really is the most commonly shared language but wouldn’t it be awful to continue to speak English when the damned British divorced you?  Even if it makes sense.

Aside from election woes, I have had a fabulous day.  Today was my first formal coaching session with a client using the Enneagram.  I use Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator and Gallup’s Strengths Finder in my coaching practice.  In March I attended a week-long training on the Enneagram.  Adding that third assessment makes the coaching process much deeper and richer.  I love it when clients have meaningful insights… moments when they just stop and say, I never thought of that!  Or what a great question!  The sad thing is that, while I can find MBTI in French and Gallup has a French version of their assessment, the instrument I use for the Enneagram is not in French yet.  Patience.