You’ll Put Your Eye Out Kid

A Christmas Story happened to me in my foyer yesterday.  I was in a rush to donate 2 sacks of clothes and then to head off to the Marais for lunch with a friend.  Had the sacks in one hand, the sunglasses in the other.  Got to the main door and somehow, while trying to open the door, I poked myself in the eye with the end of my glasses frame.  Actually, it didn’t hurt that much.  But the strange thing was that I poked out Not my Eye, but my contact.  If you have ever had hard lenses, you know how they can pop out.  But I now wear soft lenses.  I have no clue.  Maybe the frame tip pulled it out?  But I definitely couldn’t see well out of that eye.  So back upstairs to figure out if it was really out of my eye or perhaps had slid off the pupil and was hiding in a corner.  After much inspection, I decided it was truly gone.  Put in a new one and was good to go.  But late.

I was proud of myself for knowing where the donation box was – last year I stood with my back to it and searched around.  Hiding in plain sight.  This year I found it quickly.  Stuffed the clothes in and set off for lunch.

When I got back home, I looked one more time but still couldn’t find a spare lens in my eye.  I have on one occasion put a lens on top of another lens.  That’s why you should follow a strict process of put the right one in first, then the left.  That morning, I got confused and put them both in my right eye.  Then I stood in front of the mirror with the empty case wondering where was the lens that went in my left eye?  Took it out and found two.  Haven’t’ done that since.  I do learn from time to time.